What Tour Operators Should Look at in their Google Analytics Account

What Tour Operators Should Look at in their Google Analytics Account

Google Analytics provides business owners in every industry with a treasure trove of information. There’s so much data packed into your Google Analytics account, that it would be impossible to review and evaluate it all on a regular basis. As a tour and activity provider, you should know which metrics are most valuable to your business, and what you can do with that information in order to increase your online bookings. Next time you log into your Google Analytics account, check out these metrics first:

Conversion Rates per Device

It’s important to know which devices your customers are using when they are browsing your website and when they are completing the online booking process. You might be surprised to find out that many of your customers find you at the last minute when they have already arrived at their destination, and they book one of your tours on their smartphone. If you are seeing an increase in mobile conversions, you will know that you need to focus on improving the mobile design of your website. A responsive web design is a must-have for anyone in the travel industry, and your conversion rates per device will probably emphasize that fact.

Traffic Volume per Country

By analyzing the traffic you receive on your site per country, you will have a better understanding of where there is the most interest in your tours and activities. This can help you target your advertisements to the right audience, and also will allow you to create a website that is appealing to people from that region of the world.

Conversion Rate per Country

The conversion rate per country is even more important, because it helps you to learn where your tours resonate the most with your target audience. For instance, if the majority of your customer conversions come from the United States, then you know that you need to advertise to Americans on the various social platforms.

Traffic per Channel

This metric showcases exactly how your customers find you, and can help you direct your promotions and advertisements in the right direction.

Demographic Information

Demographic information can tell you more about the type of people who are most interested in your tours and activities. If you have tours geared toward young backpackers, but most of your visitors are families looking for fun activities in the area, you will want to adjust your website in order to grab the attention of your target audience.

These bits and pieces of information can be combined into your overall online marketing strategy. As you develop and implement your strategy, you will find that your traffic increases on your tour and activity website, and you will see a boost in conversions. It’s important to remember that your online marketing strategy should be a living entity. You should be open to changing it and making adjustments as necessary, because industry trends and updated algorithms can impact your visibility online. To find out more information about marketing your tour and activity company online, download the Rezdy online marketing ebook today.

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