Updated January 2024 – Lunar New Year, also referred to as the Chinese New Year, stands as one of the most significant and widely celebrated holidays in China and Asia. Embraced by billions worldwide, this festivity creates a golden opportunity for tour and activity operators to connect with new customers and boost revenue.

What is Lunar New Year?

As the Lunar New Year, synonymous with the Chinese New Year, approaches, its significance echoes across Asia and the world. This celebrated New Year holiday marks the transition to a new year in the Chinese calendar, becoming a beacon of renewal and fresh beginnings for billions worldwide.

In parts of Asia, like Vietnam, the Lunar New Year, known as Tet, unfolds as a vibrant spring festival, captivating locals and international visitors alike with colorful parades, traditional ceremonies, and extended holiday periods. Meanwhile, in Japan, the festivities is celebrated with the enchanting Lantern Festival, illuminating the streets with a mesmerizing display of lights. These celebrations not only showcase the cultural richness embedded in Lunar New Year traditions but also highlight its global travel appeal.

Why should tour operators join in on the Lunar New Year celebration?

The sheer scale of Lunar New Year celebrations makes it a remarkable avenue for attracting diverse audiences. It’s not limited to a specific location, allowing operators globally to tap into the festive spirit and draw in new customers. Understanding the cultural significance of this holiday is paramount for crafting effective marketing strategies.

Lunar New Year is a time of joy, celebration, and, for many, vacation. Chinese tourists often allocate a significant budget for travel during this period, seeking memorable experiences to mark the auspicious beginning of the new year. Tour and activity operators can capitalize on this increased travel spending by offering curated packages and exclusive experiences that align with the preferences of Chinese travelers. Special Lunar New Year discounts and promotions serve as attractive incentives, encouraging higher participation and engagement.

Tips for tour and activity operators

Create Lunar New Year-specific tours and activities

Crafting unique experiences centered around Lunar New Year is essential for capturing the attention of potential customers. Consider developing tours to renowned Lunar New Year destinations such as Beijing, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Incorporate traditional activities such as temple visits, lion dances, and fireworks displays to provide an authentic and immersive experience.

Offer Lunar New Year discounts and promotions

To appeal to budget-conscious travelers and families, provide special discounts on selected tours or activities. Package deals that include accommodation and transportation can be particularly enticing, offering a comprehensive and hassle-free Lunar New Year experience.

Partner with local businesses

Collaborating with local establishments like restaurants, hotels, and shops can enhance the overall Lunar New Year experience for your customers. Extend exclusive discounts or bundle offerings with partner businesses to provide unique and memorable experiences, such as cooking classes or cultural performances.

Market to Asian travelers

Tailoring marketing efforts to target Asian travelers is crucial for success. Advertise in Asian language media, collaborate with Asian travel agencies, and ensure your website and promotional materials are available in multiple languages. Personalizing your approach will resonate with the diverse preferences and interests of the Asian market.

Specific Lunar New Year tour and activity ideas

  • Temple tours: Explore popular temples in your destination adorned with Lunar New Year decorations. Engage in traditional ceremonies, providing travelers with a culturally enriching experience. Expert guides can share insights into the significance of each ritual, fostering a deeper connection with the local culture.
  • Lion dance performances: Capitalize on the popularity of lion dances by offering tours to witness these vibrant performances. Consider hosting workshops where travelers can learn the art of the lion dance themselves, fostering active participation and creating lasting memories.
  • Fireworks displays: Showcase the spectacular fireworks displays that many Asian cities organize for Lunar New Year. Offer tours to witness these dazzling shows, providing travelers with an unforgettable celebration experience. Include vantage points, historical narratives, and post-fireworks gatherings to make the event more immersive and enjoyable.

Leveraging the red envelope tradition

The exchange of red envelopes filled with money is a longstanding Lunar New Year tradition, symbolizing good luck and prosperity for the coming year. Tour and activity operators can leverage this custom in several ways:

  • Red envelope discounts: Introduce red envelope-themed discounts, where customers receive special offers or exclusive perks when booking a tour or activity. This creative approach not only aligns with the tradition but also adds an element of excitement to the booking process.

  • Gift certificates: Offer personalized Lunar New Year-themed gift certificates, allowing customers to share the joy of travel with their loved ones. These certificates can be presented in digital or physical red envelopes, enhancing the festive appeal.
  • Interactive social campaigns: Launch interactive social media campaigns encouraging customers to share their travel aspirations for the year. Utilize red envelope-themed hashtags and challenges, fostering community engagement and building anticipation for upcoming Lunar New Year adventures.

A comprehensive Lunar New Year campaign

To maximize the impact of your Lunar New Year marketing campaign, consider a comprehensive approach that integrates online and offline strategies.

Online presence: Enhance your online presence by creating engaging content related to Lunar New Year. Blog posts, social media updates, and email newsletters can highlight destination-specific traditions, travel tips, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of your Lunar New Year offerings.

Social media advertising: Invest in targeted social media advertising campaigns to reach a wider audience. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and WeChat offer extensive targeting options, allowing you to tailor your messages to specific demographics and regions.

Collaborative campaigns: Collaborate with influencers and travel bloggers who have a strong presence in the Asian travel market. Their endorsement can significantly amplify your reach and credibility among potential customers.

Localized marketing materials: Ensure that your marketing materials are not only translated into multiple languages but also culturally adapted. Thoughtfully designed visuals, culturally sensitive messaging, and inclusion of relevant symbols contribute to a more resonant and authentic marketing campaign.

Mobile-friendly booking: Optimize your website and booking platforms for mobile use, considering the preferences of tech-savvy Asian travelers. A seamless and user-friendly mobile booking experience can significantly enhance the success of your campaign. Uilizing booking platforms such as Rezdy, you can strategize your online interface effectively for Lunar New Year campaigns. Rezdy ensures a seamless and user-friendly mobile booking experience, aligning perfectly with the preferences of travelers who seek spontaneity and convenience during this festive season.


By embracing the cultural richness of Lunar New Year and implementing these comprehensive strategies, tour and activity companies can create compelling campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences. The fusion of traditional practices, contemporary marketing techniques, and a genuine appreciation for cultural nuances positions businesses to not only attract new customers but also foster lasting connections.

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