Born between the years 1965-1979, Gen X are growing their families and establishing their wealth as they plan for their future. They want to enjoy experiences with their loved ones, and so they make travel a priority. Most members of Gen X are searching for family-friendly destinations that offer comfortable accommodations and relaxing experiences.

They’re a large group of travellers, so it’s important to create experiences that you can market to this generation. These tourism marketing Gen X strategies can help you increase bookings at your tour and activity company.

Use traditional and digital marketing channels to promote your Gen X products

Gen X is a unique generation because its members grew up during an age where digital products had not quite entered the market, yet they spent much of their young adulthood adapting to the constant stream of new technology that resulted from the digital revolution. Today, these savvy consumers use both traditional and digital marketing channels to get information and make decisions. They’re still likely to pick up a brochure, but they’re also interested in finding daily deals on social media or their e-mail inboxes.

Create marketing campaigns that allow Gen X’ers to plan in advance

Given the stage of life that most of Gen X are in at the time, they aren’t inclined to be spontaneous travellers. Rather, they’re looking 6-12 months down the road and are planning longer, more luxurious vacations. To appeal to Gen X’ers, design marketing campaigns that offer discounts and promotions during upcoming travel seasons. e.g. spring break and summer vacation. This gives Gen X the opportunity to learn more about what you have to offer and to make a booking in advance.

Implement a content marketing strategy

Gen X love reading blogs or browsing websites to gather more information. The content you publish should provide additional details about the tour products you offer. To captivate this generation, emphasize that your tours are relaxing and catered to all age groups. Gen X is often looking for activities that everyone in their travel party can enjoy. Don’t forget that your content needs to be fresh and relevant to be truly effective.

As you seek to increase brand recognition and bookings across all market segments, you’ll want to create products specifically geared toward Gen X. These tourism marketing Gen X strategies can help you generate buzz and increase bookings from this niche market segment.

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