Millennials came of age in the midst of the digital revolution, and therefore, they have grown into adults who are strictly online content consumers. They are not going to pick up a magazine or a newspaper to read an article, let alone check out the advertisements. Here are some tips to help with tourism marketing for Millenials.

This large and powerful group of consumers is also highly interested in travel. They believe in the beauty of the experience, and they’re often taking spontaneous trips to destinations that are less populated with tourists.

To create a tourism marketing millennials strategy, you’ll want to consider the following:

Tourism marketing for millennials

Develop an engaging social media presence

Social media has always been a part of the life for millennials. Millennials prefer to connect with the businesses in a social manner. They expect engaging, personalised content to be delivered directly to them. If a millennial sends you a direct message, they’re hoping for a response within minutes. You need to create a social media strategy that allows you to promote your products, advertise your deals and engage the millennials who follow you. Developing a presence on the most widely used social sites, such as Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube, is highly recommended.

Tourism marketing for millennials

Solicit and encourage online reviews

Millennials trust reviews they read online. They feel that this information is honest, and often read a significant number of reviews before making their final decision about booking. To convince millennials to book with you, you’ll need to solicit online reviews from previous customers. Do this by asking them to offer feedback online at the end of their tour. Otherwise, send out an automatic e-mail politely requesting a review on TripAdvisor, Google or Facebook.

Tourism marketing for millennials

Be on-the-go with mobile offers

Mobile is no longer secondary in the hearts of millennials. Their smartphones are practically another limb on their body, and they always have them on hand. This is not the generation that is going to unplug and disconnect while they travel.  Millennials often remain more connected while travelling, as they love to share their photos and videos with friends and family. This spontaneous group of travellers often relies on last-minute deals to book their trips. Consider implementing a mobile PPC campaign that attracts last-minute travellers to help you fill those final few spots on your tour bus.


Personalize your promotions

Millennials are sometimes referred to as the “Me Generation.” While this label implies selfishness, it doesn’t always hold true, the fact of the matter is that millennials do love personalized products and promotions. When you create personalized deals, you are more likely to increase your bookings among millennial travellers.

Marketing your products to millennials is a valuable investment of your time and resources. This is because millennials are a generation filled with young adults who are known for their customer loyalty. If you attract the attention of millennials now, you will likely gain customers for life.

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