Travel bloggers appear to have the dream job. They travel the world and visit exotic destinations, and write about it along the way in order to earn the cash they need to fund their next adventure. Avid travelers and those afflicted with wanderlust follow these blogs closely, taking their ideas and itineraries in order to create their own getaways.

As a tour and activity operator, you can partner with travel bloggers in order to gain exposure and increase your brand recognition with new customers. This guide will help you decide whether now is the right time for your tour company to work with a travel blogger.

What are the Benefits of Working with Travel Bloggers? 

  • Travel bloggers provide objective information to their readers, while detailing a first-hand account of the experiences that you offer. Many of your customers may feel apprehensive about booking one of your tours and activities because they aren’t exactly sure what you have to offer. A travel blogger can give them the insight they need in order to feel confident enough to book one of your products. In addition, they are seen as a trustworthy and reliable source due to the objective nature of their business.
  • Travel bloggers can increase your reach amongst a global audience. They often have a specific audience that they attract. Some bloggers may write for adventure travelers, where others might attract travelers that are interested in historical sites. You can use travel bloggers in order to discover fully incremental distribution channels. Additionally, because you know quite clearly who a certain travel blogger’s audience is, it makes it easy to reach the audience you want to reach.
  • Travel bloggers and the work that they produce can be used as social proof in your online marketing strategy. You can share their blog posts on your social networking pages in order to promote your exposure to your own customer base.

What are the Disadvantages of Working with Travel Bloggers? 

  • Travel bloggers are allowed to write whatever they want after their experience, and this is a vulnerable position for you to be in. They may not always have positive things to say about your brand, so you will want to carefully select the bloggers that you partner with.
  • Because a travel blogger usually only reaches a particular niche audience, travel bloggers can become an expensive partner. If you want to reach a wider audience using this strategy, you may need to partner with many different bloggers to significantly increase your exposure. Most bloggers will expect you to provide them with a free experience in exchange for the publicity that they will give you. If you create a vast network of bloggers, you’ll be giving away a lot of tours and activities which can be costly.

In order to learn more about travel bloggers and their unique industry, you should begin by following some of the most popular blogs. If there are many blogs that specifically mention your destination, you should give them a closer look. Travel bloggers can be a powerful ally for your tour and activity business, as they allow you to establish credibility and promote your brand. In order to learn more about travel bloggers and improving your distribution strategy, download the Rezdy online distribution ebook now.

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