Gen Z is the generation of young people coming of age just behind the oft-discussed millennials. Gen Z includes anyone born between the years 1995 and 2015, meaning they are some of the youngest travelers in the market today. These children and young adults have grown up with digital technology as a constant supplement, and their reliance on their devices influences the way they prefer to see and experience the world.

As a tour and activity operator, here’s what you need to know about Gen Z:

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Gen Z travelers want plenty of activity while traveling

More than any other generation, Gen Z travelers seek out destinations that offer plenty of action. A recent survey noted that these travelers are happier while they are abroad when they are enjoying authentic activities and experiences. They prefer destinations such as Indonesia, Peru and Japan where they can sample the local flavor while enjoying adventurous tours and activities.

Gen Z travelers always have their mobile devices on hand

More than 97% of Gen Z travelers have a smartphone, and they are not going to unplug while they are traveling. In fact, 70% of Gen Z travelers use apps and mobile websites to get inspired for their next vacation abroad. They are going to want to document their experiences and subsequently share them, and it’s important to them that they enjoy Insta-perfect activities.

travel gen z

Gen Z travelers keep an open mind while selecting a destination

While other generations may have a list of destinations that they want to check off their list, Gen Z travelers are more likely to decide they want to get away and then decide where to go. About 84% of Gen Z travelers say that social media marketing influences their ultimate decision, so it’s important for tour and activity operators to actively engage this traveler market segment on their social pages.

Gen Z travelers prefer a local experience with social opportunities

Gen Z travelers are not going to want to head to a tourist-heavy destination and set out to see all of the sights that everyone else has seen a thousand times before them. Rather, they want to create immersive travel experiences where they enjoy the flavor and culture of the local region. They are going to want to have activities and excursions available to them that help them live like a local or learn more about the area. Tour and activity operators can capture the attention of this market segment by creating products that can be customized or personalized based on the individual interest of these motivated travelers.

While it’s important for you to create tour and activity products that appeal to a wide range of travelers, you are definitely going to want to keep Gen Z travelers at the forefront of your mind. These are the up-and-coming generation that will quickly eclipse millennials as the largest group of consumers in the world.

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