It’s important for any travel company to have a solid online presence. This includes creating an engaging and informative website that can entice customers. 

There are various features and functions to consider when designing your website. Consider things such as your branding, how you wish to be perceived, and how customers will navigate their way around the site. 

Plenty of people are searching for holiday tips and travel destinations online now. So, it’s important for travel businesses to keep up with the latest features to ensure high traffic and better chances of generating revenue. Let’s explore the 10 features your travel website must have.

1. Responsive design

It can be incredibly frustrating when you click on a website but the design of the website isn’t perfectly aligned with the screen. It makes it harder to click through to the information you want, and can ultimately make you want to click away to another competitor. 

With the majority of people now viewing websites on their phones, it’s imperative that your website is mobile-friendly as well as desktop-friendly. Customers should be able to access all the same information that they could on their laptops on their mobile devices. 

Ensure you optimize website pages for the mobile experience to create smooth navigation and a better user experience. Using a host like Magento hosting can also leave you in safe hands when it comes to creating your website. 

Make sure to optimize website pages for the mobile experience to create smooth navigation and a better user experience.

2. Easy-to-use website navigation

A website that is easy to navigate is automatically more appealing to consumers than one that is clunky. Make sure you have a full menu of what’s on the site, this may include a dropdown option that shows destinations, pricing, blog, about us section etc. 

Also, it’s important to allow users to search for themselves using a search bar – in case they have trouble navigating from your website menu. Make every link and logo clickable, so it’s easy for them to navigate within the website, and every time they click your logo it can divert them back to the homepage for ease. 

travel website design

You may wish to partner with a website design business to really get the most out of your website. They may have data engineering certification and skills that you don’t possess to make your website look the best it can look. Getting a skilled designer with a fresh set of eyes can take your website to the next level. 

Travel businesses may consider partnering with a website design business to enhance their website’s appearance and functionality. These design businesses often have data engineering certification and skills that the travel businesses may not possess, which can result in a more engaging and user-friendly website.

For example, the Kubio Builder has a user-friendly interface and intuitive design which can help travel businesses create a website that is easy to navigate. Additionally, Kubio Builder’s responsive design feature can ensure that the website is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, which is an important aspect of website navigation.

3. Itinerary creator

So far we’ve covered features that should be common for every website no matter what industry you’re in. However, an itinerary creator can be more specific to a travel website. People want to be able to plan their holiday in detail to see what options they could have if they did book using your service.

This includes being able to select dates for travel, checking out hotel options, planning excursions for the dates they plan to travel, and any other relevant activities that they may wish to include in their itinerary. 

4. HD images with a clear description

It’s hard to sell a great travel destination without including some great photos of the resort or area. That’s where HD images with clear descriptions come in. Utilize any photos you may have of customers enjoying your tour or activity to show other prospective customers the fun they could be having if they make a booking with you. 

It’s vital that you also include a clear tour description with your photos. Let customers know what to expect on the tour. Even better if you have photos of all the activities that are on offer, so people can see exactly what they are signing up for. 

5. Smart booking

Smart bookings for website designs

One of the perks for customers of finding a holiday online is that they can book it straight away on the website’s online booking system. It also enables your company to run 24/7, adding credibility to your business. Ensure that the user interface design is intuitive and simple. 

You’ll also be able to track the customer’s touchpoints and determine what leads them to the booking page where they finally make a purchase. Ultimately, you can see whether your website is driving conversions or not. 

Booking excursions and tours should be super easy on your site to make the process as smooth as possible for customers. Rezdy does a great job of this with their booking software. Their booking system also helps you get more organized, and you’re then able to focus on the plans and packages and how to make them more profitable.

6. Contact Us page

Every travel website should include a ‘Contact Us’ page. This is an absolute must. Customers need to know they can get hold of you if they’re having issues with the website with their booking. 

It’s also important to provide an in-app chat feature for customers to quickly and easily communicate with your team during their booking process or while on their trip.

You may choose to leave your phone number with an integrated IVR system or booking form depending on your preference with customer relations. 

You could also utilize chatbot software which can support customers 24/7, even when you’re not in the office. 

7. Secure payment options

Everyone wants to feel like their information is secure when making online payments. All travel websites should integrate secure payment options so customers feel safe using their details and don’t hesitate to book.

Rezdy has a Rezdypay feature that allows you to take payments on your website through their handy integrated software. You can customize your brand and checkout, save credit card information securely, and even take payments over the phone if customers prefer that. What’s more they offer low transaction fees so more of the cash goes into your business. 

8. Map with a live weather forecast

Another additional feature to include on your travel website is a map with a weather forecast. After all, before making a booking people like to know what the weather is going to be like in their chosen destination. 

Having a weather forecast feature can allow your customers to plan their adventures perfectly. This lets them select their preferred weather location from different places around the globe. If it’s a summer holiday they’re after, they’ll want to know where the hottest place to visit is. 

The tool could also display different weather conditions such as current temperature, humidity, UV index, and the sunrise and sunset time for the destination. Users can also access hourly and daily forecasts which assist them in planning their trip.

9. Social media integration

Social media is vital for tourism marketing. Integrate your social feeds into your website so customers can see live updates as and when you post them. This could include posts from your Instagram page of aesthetic destinations across the globe, or tweets showing your latest discounts on adventure packages. 

It also keeps your brand consistent across all platforms. To achieve this, you can create a social media posting schedule that can consistently post all the updates and activities. People appreciate consistent brand messaging in stores, on websites, and on social media. For instance, if you are operating a giveaway competition on your Instagram, this can also be featured on your website. This can also allow you to organically grow Instagram followers as people will click from the site onto your page. 

To help manage your social media presence, consider utilizing a free social media scheduler such as Hootsuite or Buffer to streamline your content creation and posting.

10. Testimonials and customer reviews

Before making a purchase, customers may wish to browse reviews from previous buyers to see what they thought of the product/service. Sometimes if they are in two minds about making a purchase, seeing positive customer reviews cna make them go ahead and buy. 

Ensure you include testimonials and customer reviews on your website. When it comes to asking for customer reviews, there are a few options. One is that you can ask for a review immediately after purchase to see how their experience was with your website. Alternatively, you can send out forms after the trip has taken place, which will give more of an overview to the services you provide. 

Infographic maker is a great tool for creating visual aids that help to explain and promote your business, presenting information in a clear and visually appealing way. They can be used to showcase data, statistics, and other information that might otherwise be difficult to communicate.


The travel industry is a competitive one, which means that great websites really do help you stand out. This makes all the difference. Especially if a customer is choosing between your business or a competitor. If your competitor has an easy-to-use website and booking system, they may be more inclined to book with them if yours is difficult and outdated.

So, include plenty of attention-grabbing pictures and make your website very user-friendly. Create interesting and engaging blog content, and let users know why they should book with you over everyone else. 

Your website may be the first touchpoint for your travel business. Users may only come across your company because of a quick Google search. So impress them with your fully-functioning travel website and they’re sure to keep coming back. 

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