Are you looking for ways to increase your bookings and sell your tours online with a new sense of excitement? In 2021 and beyond, it’s worth looking at solid, proven strategies to supercharge your profitability. Here are some of the booking-boosting techniques that have proved successful for Rezdy clients.

How to get more online bookings: 8 tried and tested strategies

1. Launch a new experience

Nothing builds excitement in past guests and future guests like a brand new experience on offer, and the more distinctive the better. If you pay attention to your analytics and offer something that hasn’t been offered before in the area, you won’t have to wonder what the best way to sell travel packages online is –because people will be organically sharing the details and inviting friends to book with them!

2. Create a special promotion via email 

If you use Rezdy’s system you’ll have a handy email database of past guests, and it’s so simple to integrate MailChimp and send out targeted email campaigns and promotions to encourage new bookings from family and friends. 

3. Create some new reseller relationships

Wondering how to promote tour packages online without spending a fortune? By working with the large Online Travel Agents (OTAs) and smaller agents you can access established and keen customer bases for a fraction of your revenue. Simply agree on a commission rate, and connect with your resellers of choice in Rezdy Marketplace.


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4. Nurture social proof

Word of mouth makes for powerful marketing, so it’s important to set up your automated review requests to gain those glowing endorsements from previous guests. You might also integrate Fotaflo to send out photos and drum up interest via social sharing.

5. Cross-promote with other local businesses 

If there’s a local hotel or restaurant that’s popular with your customer demographic, why not create a symbiotic relationship where you recommend one another to guests? You could supply one another with brochures linking directly to your live booking pages.  

6. Build your video presence

Video is a fantastic medium for showing off the colours, sights and energy of your tours and activities, and there are so many easy ways to use video online for the marketing of travel packages including YouTube, TikTok and Instagram Live. 

7. Target guest experiences around key holidays and events

You can build excitement and bookings by taking out your yearly planner and make a note of key events on the calendar. Days like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and national celebrations offer prime opportunities to sell trips online, including themed guest experiences. This might also be a good time to advertise via social channels or Google adwords.


use key dates for marketing travel packages


8. Update your website presence

If you’re after fresh new bookings it’s worth giving your website a fresh new look with exciting new photos and a new blog post or two to share what you’ve been up to. Check out our guide on how to develop and market a travel website for more bookings, including getting your booking calendar and system just right.

For more support and tips on how to market tour packages in your travel business, follow the Rezdy’s blog.

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