An image speaks a thousand words! As such you should definitely be using high quality images in your online marketing strategy.

Make sure you have:

1. Images that don’t have people in them

These are your purely scenic, striking, and captivating images. These kinds of photos have a tendency to go viral because they trigger a sense of awe (and hopefully a sense of desire to see it with your own eyes!).

Here’s a good example from Sydney Coast Walks:

sydney-coast-walks-banner website images

Also, it doesn’t hurt that people love to share stunning pictures like these with their social media networks.

2. Images that do have people in them

Display photos with people in them, so that website visitors can imagine themselves at your tour or activity, putting themselves in the shoes of your former satisfied customers.

Sydney Coast Walks do a good job of this for their different kinds of trips:

products-sydney-coast-walks website images

At a glance, it’s easy to can imagine yourself experiencing the bushwalk as a self-guide, with a group, or in private with someone special.

3. Images that show off your products

Promote your product pages with high quality photos! How else will they be inspired to tour with you?

For example, here’s what we see when we click through on one of Walk SF’s products:

website images

In Rezdy, you can click and drag an image to re-order it, making it the main image that’s seen:

website images

Click here for full instructions on setting up products.

The benefit of sharing images on your website is that visual content is extremely engaging and it lends itself very well to being shared on both your social networks and your customers’ networks.

bookings from Facebook images

What’s Next?

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