You can collect an endless amount of data from your prospective customers, your current visitors and your past guests. But the sheer mass of this data can be overwhelming, and it’s worthless if you don’t utilize it properly. In case you were thinking that data wasn’t all that important, you might want to think again. Some recent research, as published on Skift, reveals that:

  • 56 percent of consumers are more likely to interact and engage with brands that recognize them.
  • 58 percent of online consumers are more likely to finalize a purchase or booking when they are offered personalized suggestions.
  • 65 percent of consumers are more likely to showcase brand loyalty to a company that remembers their history and recognizes them.

Data is often undervalued and misunderstood within the tourism industry. It’s important that you know how to translate that data into a powerful approach that emphasizes personalization.

Tools that Use Data to Enrich the Traveler Experience

Recognizing the importance of data and the value that it can add to your tour and activity company is the first step, the next is to invest in the tools you need to use that data properly. One of the best tools to consider is an online booking system that integrates seamlessly with your website. The right property management system will allow you to accept online bookings directly on your website, give you an opportunity to network with agents and distribute your products, and also integrate with the most popular social networking sites. With booking software in place, you can easily collect data from all of your channels and use that data in order to personalize the customer experience on your website. This allows you to target valuable market segments and ultimately boost your bookings.

Best Practices for Using Data

  • Create a digital interface that adapts to the individual consumer. You can use location data in order to identify where your prospective travelers are hailing from, and design an interface that will adapt to their needs. For example, visitors that originate from cold climates will respond better to a website with prominent images of a warm, sunny beach.
  • Develop personalized automated e-mails and other communications that provide individual consumers with the most relevant information. Your automated e-mails and text messages should offer information about tours that the individuals have clicked on, and should include discounts to encourage bookings.
  • Use targeted advertising to attract the most motivated visitors to your website. You can target consumers based on their age, location, search history and other factors.

Investing in the right booking software will allow you to use data effectively, giving you the chance to improve the customer experience while also enhancing your brand recognition in the tour and activity industry. Rezdy is the only online booking solution developed specifically for tour and activity operators. To find out more information about Rezdy and to see how it uses data to improve tour and activity operations, begin your free demo today.


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