Use Extras as a Marketing Tool — Make it Feel like a Reward

Use Extras as a Marketing Tool — Make it Feel like a Reward

Souvenirs are a valuable component of your tour and activity company, because they provide you with a chance to sell products in order to increase revenue for your business. While people are likely to buy your souvenirs regardless, you can market these extras in a way that makes them feel more like a reward rather than a gift to remember the occasion.

For example, if you are a tour and activity company that offers extreme multi-day  mountain biking experiences, you can create T-shirts that say “I Conquered Mount Elbert in the Rocky Mountains, and did another 100 Miles after that”

Why Should You Sell These T-shirts?

Those who participate in your tours will feel proud of their accomplishments. Mountain biking through the Rockies is not something that everyone gets to do, and they will want to share their experiences with their friends and family members. By selling this T-shirt, tourists will feel like they can reward themselves for their accomplishment. They will wear their new shirt with pride, and be glad that they took the time to participate in your tour.

How Will These Shirts Help You Promote Your Company?

Beyond the fact that the shirts will provide you with additional revenue, they could also help bring in new customers. Chances are, the tourists who complete the excursion and purchase the shirt will wear it while they are traveling. This will increase your visibility within the community, as other tourists and visitors may take note. In addition, when they wear it at home, they will be promoting your products and your region in a new area. The reach is often underestimated with these types of products, which will be worn for the months and years to come by proud tourists who complete your bike tours.

Promotional materials and souvenirs are an important part of developing your brand identity both within your community and abroad. Developing your presence online and creating effective promotional campaigns is necessary to marketing your tour and activity company, but industry trends and technology are always changing. To find out more information about how to create an online presence, download our online marketing ebook today.

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