As a tour company that offers winery tours to various vineyards in your local region, you know that you need to reach out to a global audience in order to maximize your profits and increase your bookings. This sounds like a daunting task, but with the most innovative Internet advertising tactics, it’s relatively simple to accomplish your goal. Google Adwords is one of the most popular advertising platforms online, and it can be especially useful for tour operators and activity providers if you launch the right Adwords campaign.

Adwords is a pay per click, or PPC, platform. While it sounds ideal to only pay for your advertisement if someone clicks on it, it’s important to recognize that not every click converts into a customer. These tips will help tour and activity providers maximize their Google Adwords campaigns and increase their overall return on investment.

Tips for Tour and Activity Providers Utilizing Google Adwords

Put time, effort and resources into creating the right keywords for your campaign. You want to consider what people will be searching for when they are looking for your specific product. As a tour and activity provider, it’s important to include your location in each of your keywords. It is recommended that you use the city your location is based out of, as that is your most specific search term. However, you may want to reach a broader audience by using a county, metropolitan area or state in a few of your keywords.

Don’t create the same campaign twice. If you are launching an Adwords campaign, try to switch it up from the last campaign you worked on. For example, if you spent the last campaign describing the experience that people enjoy while sipping different wine varieties and soaking up the beautiful views, then you should try a different approach for your next Adwords launch. Perhaps the next campaign could focus more on what is included in your tours. As an example, you could remind your visitors that each tour comes with transportation in a luxury vehicle, visits to at least four different wineries and a souvenir wine glass.

Keep track of the conversions that you receive. The success of your Adwords campaign depends not on the number of clicks you receive, but the number of people who click on the ad and ultimately purchase your tour or activity. By maintaining data about your conversions, which can include not only purchases but also downloads from your site, you can better plan your next Adwords campaign. This is very important to keep an eye on your return on investment, there are many companies out there paying Google every month without gaining any results.

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In addition to launching an Adwords campaign

You can implement Rezdy into your existing website. Rezdy is an online booking system and channel manager that allows you to automate the booking process for your visitors. Through Rezdy, you can connect with large OTA’s, which will help increase both your direct and indirect bookings. The main benefit of indirect bookings is that you only pay a commission when a customer purchases a tour or activity; you have more control over your return on investment when agents send you bookings.

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