Using hostel travel desks to sell my tour, activity or attraction

Using hostel travel desks to sell my tour, activity or attraction

How to use hostel travel desks to sell tours

At your tour and activity company, your extensive distribution network should always be a work in progress. The more distribution agents and partners that you have within your network, the more bookings you will receive from travelers across all demographics. Sometimes, the key to unlocking a new demographic at your tour company is to create a new partnership with a different type of distribution channel. Is now the right time to use a backpacker or hostel travel desk to sell your product? Here’s how to use hostel travel desks to sell tours, activities or attractions.

Hostel Travel Desks Can Help You Reach a Younger Audience

The vast majority of travelers who are staying in hostels are young, budget-savvy travelers, many of whom are exploring the world independently. Typically, travelers in their late teens, 20s and early 30s prioritize the experience. This often means that they may spend less on their accommodations, while allocating more of their budget to tours, activities and other unique experiences. Essentially, they are the ideal market for you to capture at your tour and activity company. By partnering with hostel travel desks or backpacker travel desks, you will be able to access these travelers in greater numbers.

It’s relatively easy to partner with this powerful channel

Getting in touch with hostel travel desks or backpacker travel desks is actually a lot simpler than you might think. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Provide the hostel travel desk with information about your products. These promotional materials should be directed at their guests — independent, budget-friendly travelers who value experiences and interactions with local people.
  • Provide the hostel travel desk with information about your channel manager. Let the hostel travel desk manager know that it is easy to book directly with you.
  • Provide the backpacker travel desk with information about your commission rates. Make sure that they understand that they will be instantly paid their commission through your channel manager.

Verify that your products appeal to this demographic

Before you begin establishing a connection with the hostels and backpacker accommodations in your destination, you need to make sure that your products will be appealing to them. Generally, these travelers are looking for thoughtful and insightful tours that provide them with accurate information about the local people and the history of the destination. They also enjoy action-packed adventures and experiences. They are often searching for excursions that they can enjoy as an independent traveler, but where they also may be able to meet new people while abroad.

Creating a complex distribution network allows you to increase your reach across the globe and accept bookings for a variety of traveler market segments. However, it can be difficult to manage this distribution network without the right technological infrastructure in place. Rezdy’s innovative Channel Manager allows you to accept bookings directly from all of your agents, while simultaneously showcasing your live availability for all of your tours.

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