Rezdy is a powerful online booking system that is designed with tour and activity operators in mind. There are not many booking software platforms in the travel industry that cater to this specific audience, and customers love the fact that Rezdy can be customized in order to meet the needs of their individual business ventures.

While this system is filled with useful and innovative features, there also are many ways to further enhance the experience. Through Zapier, Rezdy customers can integrate many useful apps with their booking software. Here’s a few choices you might want to consider:

Apps to Integrate with Rezdy

Mailchimp & ActiveCampaign — Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign are two e-mail marketing apps that allow you to send promotional e-mails to your customers. You can simplify the process by integrating your Rezdy customer contacts with your Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign accounts. By zapping these two apps together, you will be able to instantly import all of your contacts and improve your e-mail marketing efficiency.

Twilio — Text messaging is the way that many people prefer to communicate today. Customers who book your tours and activities will appreciate a convenient text message conversation in addition to an e-mail confirmation, as it is easier to read texts and respond. When you integrate Rezdy with Twilio, you can send automate text messages to your customers. Whether there has been a rain delay, or you have a new promotional code you want your customers to know about, you can instantly contact them in a way that is most convenient and effective.

Infusionsoft & Hatchbuck — Both Infusionsoft and Hatchbuck are apps that allow you to manage and improve your customer relations. When you integrate Rezdy with these innovative apps, you can communicate better with your clients. For instance, once someone books a tour directly on your website, you can instantly link that information to your Infusionsoft or Hatchbuck account, where their customer management system takes over. You will stay in contact with this new customer, and generate a long-term relationship with them.

Xero — Xero is a cloud-based accounting software app that creates invoices. By integrating with this app, you can streamline the invoicing process and make it easier to process payments from your customers. Instantly send them a clear, concise invoice, and enjoy an organized, effective payment process. You don’t have to worry about the tedious task of creating invoices when necessary, instead you can let these two apps automate the process for you. This allows you to focus more on the quality of the experience that you provide to your customers.

Rezdy is a cloud-based online booking system for those in the tour and activity industry, and Zapier is a system that allows you to integrate Rezdy with many of the most popular apps on the market. Together, these tools provide tour and activity operators with the most innovative business solutions that customize and automate their operations.

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