The concept of video marketing is simple — you use captivating and interesting videos in order to promote the tours and activities that you offer. By their very nature, tours and activities are visually appealing and lend themselves to great video. Whether you offer kayaking adventures or four-wheeling tours through the desert, you can quickly create videos that engage your customers and promote your products.

Examples of Video Marketing for Tour Operators

Videos of actual experiences — The most powerful videos that tour and activity operators can create are those that showcase the actual experiences that people enjoy while on their tours. Action-packed and visually-stimulating videos are the most effective in encouraging people to book specific tours and activities. Videos of people kayaking through the open water and spotting wildlife and those that show just how fast those four-wheelers can go through the sand are easy to create and have a big pay-off.
Video testimonials — After customers have completed their tours and activities, ask them to take a few moments to offer a testimonial on video. Other travelers will be able to connect with these videos, as they are interesting, informative and objective. In addition to offering positive feedback about your products, these videos also help you generate trust amongst your target audience.
Video stories — You can use video to tell the story of your business or why you choose to offer specific tours and activities to visitors in your area. Photographs, interview clips and footage of actual experiences can be combined in order to create a compelling story for your website. Add a little bit of music, and you’ll really capture the attention of your audience.

Benefits of Video Marketing

Increase your search engine rankings — Google and other major search engines consider a variety of factors in their algorithms that determine search engine rankings. The latest studies show that websites that feature videos are 50 times more likely to land on that coveted first page of search engine results. Add videos to different pages of your website, and your rankings will continue to increase on the most popular search engines.

Increase your customer conversions — Videos can improve your conversion rates by up to 30 percent, according to recent data. Whether you are sending out videos in an automated e-mail, or you are posting a new video on Facebook, you will see an increase in the number of people who book directly with you on your website.

Videos should be one component of your overall online marketing campaign. Enhancing your online presence is necessary to increase your direct bookings, and also to help you connect with agents who might be interested in reselling your tours and activities. Rezdy is an online booking system that provides tour and activity operators with the resources they need in order to improve their online presence and develop better marketing campaigns. To find out more information, download our online marketing ebook today.

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