Video is one of the most powerful forms of content that you can share with your followers on social media. People love video (especially travelers) because it gives them a chance to experience your tours and activities for themselves prior to booking. If you’re looking for some inspiration on what types of videos to create and post, here’s a few ideas to get you started:

Create a Montage of Your Products

Nostalgia captures the hearts and the imaginations of travelers across the globe, and a montage of video clips and still photographs is sure to be a hit with your followers. Create a montage that highlights all of the fun had throughout the summer travel season, or you can do an end-of-the-year compilation that showcases the top moments of the last 12 months. Set your video to a song that fits the theme and overall brand of your business, and your customers will be viewing it and sharing it in no time at all. A montage gives you an opportunity to highlight the various aspects of your business without overwhelming the customer with a long video.

Highlight a Unique Perspective

Perhaps your tours are particularly magical during the holiday season, as the lights and sounds of the city create a festive atmosphere. Create a video to showcase this. It makes you appealing to travelers who are hoping to enjoy the season in a different part of the globe and shows them that you offer a unique perspective on the local celebrations. When making this type of video, be sure to focus on what makes that particular experience different, rather than highlighting the basics of the tour or activity.

“Behind-the-Scenes” Tour

One of the thing that people love the most about social media is that it allows them to glimpse into the personal side of doing business. With your tour and activity company, you can take advantage of this desire by creating a video that showcases “behind-the-scenes” footage. Show what it’s like to prepare for a day of hiking in the wild terrain with those who are new to your area. Give a tour of the boats that you use for your whale watching tours, and highlight the amenities that you have on board. You can use video to provide an intimate look into your business, and you will be rewarded by an increased number of bookings and a boost in user engagement on your social media pages.

Compelling and interesting videos will boost your engagement levels with your target audience. Nearly 50% of all Internet users will share a video with their family members and friends, and twice as many people are likely to engage with video content than they would with a typical post. To find out more information about creating videos for your tour and activity company and to learn more about developing your online presence, download the Rezdy social media ebook today.

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