Virtual reality technology, known by most these days as VR, has long been talked about as a futuristic technology that could change the way we conduct our daily lives. Now, it’s being implemented into many personal and professional settings, and the travel industry is excited by all of the possibilities that are available through VR.

You might be wondering how VR fits into your tour and activity company. Here’s a few reasons why this innovative technology is poised to change the tourism industry:

The VR opportunities are endless.

Here’s a few ways that you could use VR in your tour company:

  • Create VR media that can be distributed to travel agents and other distributors who have VR devices that they use for marketing and promotions. They can in turn showcase your media to their prospective customers, allowing them to experience your tours and activities in VR prior to booking their own live experience.
  • Design an augmented reality experience that can be offered to those with wanderlust who may never make it to your destination. Perhaps one traveler has an ailing parent at home who would have loved to enjoy one of your adventures. With augmented reality, you can offer their parent the same experience in a safe and protected environment.

VR technology impacts the tourism industry.

For the travel industry, VR technology is the ideal supplement to their marketing and promotional campaigns. With the immersive experiences that are available, travel brands can offer customers an opportunity to see new sights or enjoy exotic adventures without leaving the comfort of their own space. Hotels are already jumping on board with this new technology, and it won’t be long before nearly every tour and activity operator offers some type of VR experience to their travelers. By taking advantage of this cutting edge technology now, you will be able to bolster your brand and improve your recognition around the globe.

VR investments generate high conversions for tour and activity operators.

There’s no doubt that VR technology is a massive investment, particularly considering the fact that this technology is still developing. However, the travel brands that are taking a risk and utilizing this technology in their business plans are enjoying significant returns on their investment. Tour and activity operators who offer 360-degree videos and sensory experiences through VR will surely see a boost in their direct bookings. VR technology offers travelers a chance to experience something new before they commit to booking with you — but they will still crave the live, transformative experience that you offer through your tours.

As a tour and activity operator, you know that implementing the latest technology is critical to staying relevant in an ever-changing and ever-competitive industry. VR may be just the technology you need in order to transform the traveler experience and set yourself apart from other local competitors. For more information on the latest technology for tour and activity operators and how these innovations will benefit your business, follow the Rezdy blog.


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