Every tour and activity company, regardless of the products or services that it offers, should require its customers to sign a waiver. Liability waivers protect your business in the event of an accident. No matter how many safety precautions you put in place or how much training you offer your customers, there is a chance that someone could get injured or lose a valuable item while on one of your tours. By signing a waiver, the customer acknowledges these risks and accepts responsibility for their own actions.

So, while waivers are a necessity, that doesn’t mean you have to present your travelers with a paper and pen upon arrival. The time is now to move to digital waivers.

The benefits of digital waivers

In an age where nearly every task is completed on a mobile device, you will want to make sure that you offer as many digital experiences as possible. This includes the experience of signing a liability waiver. These are a few of the benefits of using digital waivers:

  • You are more likely to get a signed waiver when you provide an online waiver after booking. It is easy for customers to quickly submit a waiver that has been signed digitally.
  • It is a more cost-effective way to distribute waivers. You no longer have to spend money on paper and printer ink to provide every customer with one or more waivers.
  • Digital waivers will make it faster and easier for you to check in your customers. The waiver can be stored in the management system, and you will know instantly who has completed their waiver by looking at your daily manifest that is available on your tour operator software.

Why you need the right technology to offer electronic waivers

You will want to invest in tour booking software that has a digital waiver system available to you. This allows you to easily generate the digital waivers that you need and collect the signed waivers from your customers. The tour operator software will automatically organize the waivers for you, making it easier for you to see who has signed digitally and who still needs to complete the waiver.

The disadvantages of paper waivers

Paper waivers are quickly becoming obsolete. They are more expensive to produce and are more likely to be lost by your customers. Paper waivers take more time and manpower to organize, so there’s really no reason not to move on to digital waivers.

When you invest in a tour booking software that offers specific features for the tour and activity industry, you will find that it’s easy to manage everything from one convenient location. Rezdy is a tour booking system that allows you to manage your bookings, streamline your administrative tasks and keep your website up to date. You can create and store your digital waivers on the platform and easily provide your customers with online waivers after they book your tours.

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