Want Good and Elaborate Reviews? A Little Bit of Extra Effort Goes a Long Way

Want Good and Elaborate Reviews? A Little Bit of Extra Effort Goes a Long Way

Travelers rely heavily on reviews when they are making selections for their upcoming trips. Whether these reviews are posted on Facebook or found on TripAdvisor, your future customers are checking you out on the most popular review sites prior to booking one of your tours online. Knowing this, you likely ask your customers to leave feedback and provide reviews on a regular basis. But sometimes that doesn’t generate the elaborate reviews that you need to establish brand recognition and earn a reliable reputation in the industry. For good and thorough reviews, a little bit of extra effort can go a long way.

3 Creative Ways to Request a Review

  1. Send a personal card asking for a review after customers return home. Actual mail — that is not junk or a bill — is rare these days, and people appreciate receiving something fun in their mailbox every once in the while. It requires you to invest some time and resources, but sending a personal handwritten card to your recent customers asking for a review can be quite effective. They will be touched to have received something in the mail after returning home, and it will serve as a reminder for them to get online and complete their review.
  2. Call customers with a reason, and throw in a request for a review. A few days after their tour, call your customers personally in order to touch base with them. Be sure that you have a reason for your call, such as offering photos that you took while on the tour or asking for personal feedback. At the end of the short conversation, ask your customers if they would mind leaving a review for you. You could even explain how it helps the business, so they understand the request better.
  3. Give travelers an incentive to leave a review. Everyone loves to be rewarded, and incentives can go a long way toward encouraging your customers to provide feedback on the best review sites. You could enter customers in a drawing for a prize when they provide a video testimonial for your page. You could send out gift cards to people who leave positive feedback on TripAdvisor. There’s lots of different incentives you can use to help motivate travelers to leave feedback after your tours, and all of them are powerful ways to earn additional reviews for your brand.

Consumers consider reviews to be more trustworthy than other forms of advertisements, since a neutral party has provided feedback on your tours and activities. These review requests will help you generate the type of reviews you need in order to grow your business and develop a brand identity. While reviews are a critical part of your online presence, you should not neglect the rest of your online marketing strategy. To find out more information about the latest online marketing techniques and how they are relevant in the tourism industry, download the Rezdy online marketing ebook today.

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