Your sales reports are packed with the data you need to gain actionable insights on what you can do to improve your business.

View your sales by Product or Order, and slice and dice your data by customising your report to your needs.  You have a range filters that you can use to organise your sales reports. You can also arrange your data in graphs for a visual representation of your data, and easily export your data for further manipulation.

Here are 3 ways to empower your business using your sales reports.

weekly sales reports

1. Use sales reports to see which channels are working

Your marketing dollars are precious – so you need to know whether you’re investing them in the correct channels!

Filter your Orders by status to see Online vs Internal vs Partners and Community bookings.

sales reports

2. Use sales reports to see which Agents bring you the most business

The commission you give to each agent should fluctuate according to their performance. If they send you heaps of bookings, a higher percentage is worth it. Otherwise, you can choose to reduce the amount you’re willing to give.

sales reports

We would also recommend applying a net rate commission rather than a percentage.

3. Use sales reports to calculate your no-show rate

It would be helpful to start tracking your average no-show rate per product so you can see which ones need the most improvement.

Run a report and see who didn’t turn up. In your sales reports under ‘Products’ you can filter by customers who checked in.

sales reports

Make sure you track the no show rate for products month over month to see if it can be reduced by a change in process – for example, by implementing a cancellation policy or sending out an automated SMS.

automated SMS sales reports

What’s Next?

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