Updated March 2024 – 2024 marks a monumental resurgence in the tourism and travel industry, with global projections soaring to nearly $270 billion, forecasting a massive year for tour and activity operators globally.

As the lingering shadow of lockdowns and COVID-19 fades, travelers worldwide are embracing revenge travel, driven by a profound desire to reclaim lost time and create unforgettable adventures.

In this article, we’ll uncover the rising demand for experiences this year and how tour operators can ride the revenge travel waves to build a positive and lasting guest experience all while boost their bookings.

What is revenge travel?

Revenge travel is a phrase that has emerged in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Travelers who were not able to explore the world in 2020 are now making big plans for 2024. After missing out on years worth of getaways and adventures due to travel restrictions, travelers are looking to take bigger and better trips than ever before. They are willing to splurge on luxurious extras, and they want to make the most out of their first travel experience in a longer time.

With that being said, priorities and considerations that many travelers used to seek have shifted to adjust to the uncertain times we are still currently living in. According to GetYourGuide’s 2023 Travel Trend Experience Tracker report, travelers in 2023 prioritize flexible online bookings over price, and are more willing to book an experience that clearly displays ratings or customer reviews.

Top 5 drivers for travelers in 2024

In 2023, the travel landscape has evolved significantly, with travelers prioritizing flexibility, convenience, and unique experiences more than ever before. As the world emerges from the challenges of the past, a new era of tourism is upon us, driven by a set of key drivers that shape the preferences and behaviors of modern adventurers. From last-minute cancellation flexibility to the allure of special offers, let’s delve into the top five drivers guiding travelers’ decisions in 2024 according to GetYourGuide’s 2023 Travel Trend Experience Tracker report.

1. Last-minute cancellation flexibility

In 2023, travelers prioritize the freedom to cancel last minute without facing hefty penalties. Whether unexpected circumstances arise or plans simply change, the ability to cancel reservations without financial repercussions offers peace of mind and flexibility.

2. Convenient online booking management

drivers in revenge travel trends

With the prevalence of technology, travelers in 2024 value the convenience of managing their bookings online. From hotel reservations to tour bookings, the ability to modify, cancel, or upgrade plans at the touch of a button streamlines the travel experience, saving time and hassle.

3. Desire for unique experiences

Beyond conventional tourist attractions, travelers seek out experiences that are unique and out of the ordinary in 2024. Whether it’s staying in a treehouse hotel, embarking on a culinary tour led by a local chef, or participating in a cultural immersion program, travelers crave authenticity and memorable moments when arriving at their next travel destinations.

4. Flexibility to reschedule

In an ever-changing world, the ability to reschedule plans is crucial for travelers in 2024. Whether due to unforeseen circumstances, changing travel restrictions, or personal preferences, having the flexibility to adjust travel dates ensures that trips can be enjoyed on the traveler’s terms.

5. Access to special offers and discounts

Travelers are always on the lookout for value-added benefits that could help them maximize their budget, in the past years, special offers and discounts was a top priority. From early booking discounts to loyalty rewards programs, travelers seek out opportunities to maximize savings without compromising on quality or experiences.

5 ways tour operators can prepare for an increase in bookings /

Tour operators should know that revenge travelers are on the way and that they will see an increase in bookings. However, the what, when, and how travelers make bookings are looking to be a bit different this time around. Based on GetYourGuide’s report, 52% of travelers are only making bookings within a 0-3 days of taking a tour or travel plans. The report also shows that the content of the tour itself is another vital component that travelers are putting first. This means that many people are willing to pay more in return for quality tours, activities, and experiences.

1. Invest in a tour operator booking software

As bookings surge, efficient management becomes paramount for tour operators. Investing in robust tech systems and tour booking software streamlines the reservation process, allowing operators to handle increased demand effectively. Rezdy’s innovative platform offers tour operators a suite of advanced features designed to optimize every aspect of their operations. From real-time inventory management to automated scheduling and customer communication, Rezdy enables operators to seamlessly coordinate resources, maximize capacity utilization, and enhance overall operational efficiency. With Rezdy’s intuitive interface and powerful capabilities, tour operators can confidently navigate the challenges of the revenge travel trend, positioning themselves for success in the evolving travel landscape.

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2. Create tailored experiences

With revenge travelers eager to splurge on unforgettable experiences, tour operators can cater to this demand by designing new products targeting those seeking lavish and indulgent trips. Introducing premium tier tours and activities featuring extended durations or exclusive experiences can appeal to travelers looking to make the most of their getaways. Additionally, offering customizable upgrades allows travelers to tailor their experiences to suit their preferences, thereby enhancing guest satisfaction and boosting revenue.

Furthermore, with travel preferences shifting and new trends emerging, tour operators can capitalize on niche markets to attract a diverse range of travelers. By identifying and tapping into trending travel themes such as wellness retreats, adventure travel, or sustainable tourism, operators can cater to the evolving interests of modern travelers. Leveraging Rezdy’s advanced analytics and market insights, operators can pinpoint emerging trends and tailor their offerings to meet the demands of niche markets effectively. By staying agile and responsive to evolving consumer preferences, operators can attract a loyal following and drive increased bookings in this dynamic landscape.

3. Flexible booking policies

As we begin to come out of an era of uncertainty, providing flexible booking options is crucial to instill confidence among travelers. Implementing adaptable booking and cancellation policies enables potential customers to plan their trips with peace of mind, knowing they can adjust their arrangements if necessary. With Rezdy’s comprehensive booking management capabilities, tour operators can effortlessly customize their policies to meet the dynamic needs of travelers. Whether it’s offering flexible cancellation windows or easy rescheduling options, Rezdy empowers operators to create a seamless booking experience that enhances guest satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately driving increased bookings.

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4. Prioritize guest comfort and experience

While the emphasis on COVID-19 safety measures may have decreased, tour operators must continue to prioritize guest comfort, wellness and satisfaction. By offering exceptional service and memorable experiences, operators can enhance the overall travel experience and foster positive word-of-mouth recommendations. With Rezdy’s comprehensive booking management platform, operators can streamline operations and deliver seamless, personalized experiences that exceed guest expectations. From customizable itineraries to enhanced guest communication tools, Rezdy empowers operators to create unforgettable travel experiences that resonate with travelers and drive increased bookings.

5. Form strategic partnerships

In navigating the ever-evolving international travel landscape, tour operators can seize opportunities by forming strategic alliances with businesses across multiple complementary industries. Collaborating with hotels, car rental agencies, restaurants and the hospitality industry, and local attractions, operators can craft enticing packages tailored to travelers’ bucket list experiences, whether it’s a road trip adventure or exploring national parks. These partnerships not only enhance the overall guest experience but also extend marketing reach through cross-promotion and shared networks. By capitalizing on strategic alliances, tour operators can tap into new markets, boost brand visibility, and drive mutual growth in the competitive travel industry.


While you have likely spent many months redeveloping your business strategy and shifting focus at your tour and activity company, it is now time to readjust again. By having the right guided tour booking software in place, you’ll be able to adjust to the changing times. Rezdy can help you promote your products to your target audience and increase your bookings, regardless of the circumstances.

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