What Kind of Agents are Active in the tour and activity sector?

What Kind of Agents are Active in the tour and activity sector?

What Kind of Agents are Active in the tour and activity sector?

For tour and activity providers, agents are a treasure trove of possibility. You will be able to access a larger audience than ever before, and using them travelers from across the globe will be booking your tours.

Types of Agents That are Active in the tour and activity sector

  • Online Travel Agents (OTAs) — This is one of the largest distribution channels available to tour and activity providers today. Some of the largest and most common OTAs include Viator, Expedia, TravelOcity, Ctrip and Wotif, all of whom are active on the Rezdy Channel Manager. OTAs are known for creating vacation packages that include hotels, flights, transportation and excursions. Ultimately, you should strive to have your tours included on premier OTA packages.
  • Inbound Tour Operators — Another critical distribution travel, ITOs specialize in specific destinations and strive to create packages for international travelers. They prefer to work with tour providers who have a proven, stable business and also offer authentic experiences for visitors. They appreciate the fact that their commission is instantly calculated through the Rezdy Channel Manager, which encourages them to promote the tours and activities they find through the portal.
  • Tour Wholesalers — Tour wholesalers create vacation packages that are promoted to individual travel agents, who in turn sell the packages to travelers. They prefer to connect with reliable tour operators on the Rezdy Channel Manager because of the live availability features as well as the easy booking process. Given the fact that they can easily see what types of opportunities are available, they are more likely to incorporate your tours into their packages that they promote.
  • Destination Marketing Organizations — These organizations focus on promoting a particular region or destination, and they like to partner with local businesses that will help attract tourists. They often advertise when a tour provider offers easy, online booking for their products.
  • Visitor Information Centres — This distribution channel allows tour operators to promote their products to tourists who have already arrived for their trip. Visitor information centres work with travelers in order to help them find tours and activities that have immediate availability, which is why they love the simple online booking process that is available through the Rezdy Channel Manager.

As a tour and activity provider, you need to strike the right balance of prioritizing direct bookings on your website and also encouraging agents to resell your products. This is the best way to ensure that you maximize your profits, increase your total bookings and move your business forward.

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