What to Do If Your Tour Operation Is Affected by Bush Fires

What to Do If Your Tour Operation Is Affected by Bush Fires

The images of the bush fires burning across Australia are unlike anything anyone has ever seen before.

Undoubtedly, many tour and activity operators throughout the continent have been impacted by the bush fires. Even in the midst of this tragedy, it’s important for those running a tour operation to still have hope.

Here’s what you can do if your tour operation has been impacted by the unprecedented bush fires:

Keep your safety and the safety of your tourists as the top priority

Tour and activity operators are notoriously dedicated to their customers. In many cases, tourists have been planning their vacations to Australia for months, often never realizing that the bush fires could jeopardize their ability to travel throughout the country. While you may not want to disappoint your travelers by canceling tours or closing your business, it’s important that you make decisions based on the safety of your customers and your staff members. It is better to deal with frustrated or disappointed customers than to compromise their health or safety in any way.

Learn more about what your insurance will cover

If your business has suffered from property damage as a result of the bush fires, you may be eligible for coverage under your business insurance policy. There are resources available to Australian tour and activity operators who need assistance with filing insurance claims. It can be a complex process, so it’s important to rely on help when needed to make sure that you get the coverage you deserve.

Know that there is bushfire aid available to you

Businesses that are impacted by the bush fires may be eligible for bushfire aid from a variety of organizations. According to Smart Company, some of the grants and programs available to you may include:

  • Federal grants from the Disaster Recovery Allowance
  • Disaster recovery grants designed specifically for small business owners and farmers from the state and federal governments
  • Deferred payment options from the Australian Taxation Office
  • Low-interest loans available from Business Queensland as part of its disaster assistance program

While the bush fires may be having an immediate impact on your tour operation, it’s important to remember that the effect this disaster has on the tourism industry will linger for months and years to come. Tourism recovery will be a top priority in Australia, and it’s important that you keep abreast of the bushfire aid that is available to you.

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