The top widgets for tour and activity websites

Your tour and activity website is more than just an online storefront. It’s a portal into your brand, and it needs to function efficiently and effectively. Implementing a visually appealing and responsive website design is the first step in creating a space on the internet for your brand, but, next, you need to customize it using widgets. But what are widgets? And what are the top widgets for tour and activity websites?

What are widgets?

Web widgets are small programs that can be embedded into a website in order to increase its functionality and appeal. A widget could be as simple as a voting poll or as complex as a secure payment portal for online transactions. Widgets are so common that most people don’t even realize that they are scattered across most websites.

Here’s some of the top widgets for tour and activity websites

  • Payment Widgets — Payment widgets can be installed on your tour and activity website so that you can easily accept payment for bookings that are made online. In addition to your secure payment portal, you may want to consider payment widgets for common payment service sites like PayPal or Apple Wallet. There are many travelers around the world who prefer to use these third-party websites to pay because they do not want to continually give out their personal financial information. By adding these widgets to your website, you will appeal to a broader audience and likely receive more bookings for your tours and activities.
  • Online Booking Widgets — If you own a tour and activity company and you have a website for your brand, then an online booking widget is absolutely essential. Online booking widgets allow you to connect your website to your property management system. It gives your customers the power to book their own tours and activities at their convenience, without having to make a phone call or wait for an e-mail confirmation from you. Online booking widgets allow you to automate the process of making reservations at your tour and activity company, and using these widgets also minimizes the risk of overbooking your tours and activities.
  • Social Widgets — Social widgets create a bridge between your website and your social feeds. There are social widgets available for nearly every platform, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TripAdvisor. Each social widget has a different function and can enhance your website in various ways. For example, a Twitter widget can display your live Twitter feed on your website, while a TripAdvisor widget will display the reviews that you have received on this popular travel platform. Ideally, you should include two or three different social widgets on your website to increase engagement and visibility online.

With widgets, you can customize your website so that is optimized for your target audience. As you discover new widgets that you think would improve the online booking journey of your website visitors, you can easily add them to your website design. It’s important to remember that your tour and activity website is always a work in progress.

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