Your tour and activity business is geared toward travelers, which means that you face the unique challenge of marketing your products to people from all around the world. At some point, you may decide that it’s necessary to offer a multi-language website for your tour and activity company. But how will you know when the time is right and the extra effort is warranted?

Step 1: Check Your Metrics and Check Them Often

You should visit your Google Analytics page on a regular basis in order to see who is visiting your site, what time of day they visit most and how long they stay engaged with your brand. Of course, this sounds simplistic, but the metrics can be as basic or as advanced as you need them to be. While you are evaluating your latest metrics data, you will want to take note of the country of origin of most of your site visitors. Are you receiving an influx of domestic visitors? Is a large number of your visitors from another country where they speak a different primary language? This is important data to know, as it can help you know when a multi-language website might enable you to better market your tours and activities and increase your bookings. If you notice, for example, that you are receiving a large number of website visitors from South America who do not end up booking, it might be time to have your website translated into Spanish and Portuguese to convert these visitors into customers.

Step 2: Communicate with Agents in Your Distribution Network

Your distribution partners are key players in your overall business plan, as they extend your reach beyond the borders of your destination and help you attract travelers from various market segments. Some of your distribution agents may specialize in independent travelers, while others focus on families who are planning memorable trips with their young children. Obviously, your agents will have valuable insight into the types of travelers who typically book your tours and activities. Talk to them about the background of these travelers, and the primary languages that they speak.

Step 3: Implement the Right Online Booking System

If you have decided that now is the right time to offer a multi-language website, you will want to implement an online booking system that allows you to translate your site content easily and effectively. Rezdy is the only online booking system designed specifically for your tour and activity providers. It offers multi-language settings that allow you to choose the languages you want to offer on your company website. With Rezdy, it’s easy to provide your target audiences with a welcoming and comfortable space online where they can learn more about the tours and activities that you offer and also book the experience of their choice.

An innovative online booking system designed for tour and activity operators will do more than offer you the features you need in order to effectively run your business. The right online booking system will provide you with the resources you need in order to successfully grow your business. Rezdy strives to provide its clients with valuable insight and information about industry changes and developments. In order to learn more about translating your website and the importance of promoting your brand to a global audience, download the Rezdy distribution ebook today.

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