Updated September 2023 – “Do you know anything else I can do around here?”

As an operator in the vibrant and ever-evolving tourism and travel industry, you’re no stranger to hearing this question at the conclusion of your tours. It’s a natural inquiry, one that arises when guests have put their trust in you to provide them with unforgettable experiences. Little do they know that this moment represents not just an opportunity to enrich their journey but also a chance to generate additional revenue for your business. Reselling other travel experiences might just be the key to unlocking new horizons in your tour company’s growth.

Why should you, as a tour operator, consider venturing into the world of reselling tours and activities? The answer lies in the numerous benefits it offers:

1) Making more revenue

tour pricing

Tour operators typically earn a commission ranging from 10% to 15% on the price of the tours or activities they resell. This presents a tantalizing opportunity to boost your income effortlessly. How? It’s as simple as recommending another exciting tour or activity to a guest as they wrap up their experience with you. Thanks to modern booking software functionalities, this process is now as smooth as a coastal breeze. For example, if you use Rezdy, you’ll be able to create bookings for your guests for the recommended activity in real-time, ensuring that you receive your commission promptly when booking products with marketplace rates.

2) Delivering a better guest experience

Certain tours and activities seamlessly complement your own offerings. Recommending these complementary options enhances your guests’ overall experience. For instance, if you operate kayak or boat tours, consider reselling a relaxing picnic experience by the water. It’s a delightful way for your guests to unwind after the adrenaline rush of their aquatic adventure. By combining both activities, your guests enjoy a more fulfilling experience, leaving them highly satisfied with your operation.

Another great example would be wineries. When guests go wine tasting in a wine region, they generally want to head to a few different wineries. This is why many wineries that use Rezdy resell wine-tasting experiences at other nearby wineries that they recommend. Some wineries have even collaborated to offer a package tour that brings guests to all the participating wineries. Such collaborations and marketing campaigns among activity operators can create synergy, crafting memorable days for your guests.

3) Get more bookings

Here’s a rewarding cycle: By consistently directing your guests to other operators’ tours and activities, you’re likely to receive referrals in return. This reciprocal arrangement not only broadens your distribution channels but also brings you more bookings without substantial effort on your part. These bookings may even come from potential customers whom you wouldn’t have reached without your partner tour operators.

Each reseller typically engages with a guest at a different stage of their traveler’s journey. Travelers typically browse online travel agents (OTAs) such as GetYourGuide, Tripadvisor, or Viator during the trip-planning phase, sift through search engines or social media channels on their mobile devices while en route to their destination, and turn to their accommodations or hotels for in-destination local experience recommendations once they’ve arrived. Tour operators, however, have the unique advantage of recommending other tours and activities to guests during or after their own experiences—an exclusive opportunity that no other reseller can access.

4) Relationship building with other operators

Why tour operators should resell other tours and activities

Collaborating with other tour and activity providers nurtures stronger relationships within the industry. It’s a two-way street, with constant communication fostering mutual understanding and trust. These interactions often lead to the sharing of valuable knowledge, such as dealing with challenging customers, managing chargebacks, tackling fraud, and more. Beyond that, it can spark the birth of formal partnerships, including collaborative tour and activity packages that feature both your offerings.

Constantly expanding your network by building relationships with other operators paves the way for a wealth of benefits and opportunities. As you engage with a diverse range of industry professionals, you gain insights, discover new ideas, and find opportunities for growth that might otherwise remain hidden.

5) Brand awareness

Once you’ve forged strong partnerships with reputable operators, you’ll naturally find yourselves sending guests each other’s way. In some cases, you may even feature each other’s tours and activities on your respective premises or websites. This cross-promotion not only introduces your brand to a wider audience but also reinforces your credibility as a trusted source of exceptional experiences.

Over time, this symbiotic relationship boosts your brand’s visibility. As more and more people hear about your offerings from other reputable operators, your reputation as a top-quality tour company solidifies, attracting a steady flow of eager travelers.

6) Stand out from competitors

the reasons you should resell other tours and activities

Diversity is the spice of life—and the tourism industry. By featuring a range of tours and activities, including collaborations with complementary providers, you distinguish yourself from competitors. This diversity appeals to a broader spectrum of customers, capturing their attention more swiftly. For travelers seeking to plan multiple activities, your comprehensive offerings make you the go-to choice for a seamless and enjoyable day.

7) Low-risk

The best part of reselling other tours and activities? It’s a low-risk endeavor. As long as the tours and activities you resell come from reputable operators you trust, you can rest assured that your guests are in good hands. This low-risk strategy allows you to increase your revenue without the need for additional investment, benefiting both your bottom line and your partner operators. It’s a win-win scenario that strengthens your position in the market.

8) Support your local region as a tourism destination

Benefits of reselling other tours and activities

By referring guests to other local tours and activities, you contribute to a more enriching and memorable trip for them. They get to discover everything your region has to offer, creating unforgettable memories that they’ll eagerly share with friends and family. In doing so, you play a pivotal role in elevating your region as a top tourism destination.

Over time, this continuous promotion of your locale attracts even more guests, not just to your business but also to other local operators. It’s a positive cycle of growth that benefits your entire community.

The bottom line

As a tour operator, you hold a unique position—able to provide valuable recommendations to your guests and elevate their trips to new heights. Reselling other tours and activities allows you to accomplish this while also reaping substantial benefits for your own business. It’s a fast, low-risk way to boost your revenue while building valuable relationships with your local community.

To embark on this journey, consider leveraging online booking, social media, and digital marketing strategies to promote these additional offerings to your target audience. By doing so, you can effectively tap into new distribution channels, attract new customers, and solidify your position as a tour company that goes above and beyond in the tourism industry.

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