“Do you know anything else I can do around here?”

As an operator, you may hear this all the time at the end of your tour. This is not surprising as guests will gain a lot of trust in you after going on one of your great experiences or activities.

This is an excellent opportunity to make some extra revenue and deliver a better guest experience.

Reselling other tours and activities as a tour operator not only allows you to earn commission without much effort but also brings a wide range of benefits to your business.

Why resell other tours & activities:

1) Make more revenue

Tour operators generally make a 10-15% commission on the price of the tour or activity they resell. This is great additional revenue that you can make by simply recommending another tour or activity to a guest at the end of your tour.

From your Rezdy account, you can create bookings for your guests for the activity you recommend. It’s instant and you’ll get paid your commission automatically when booking products with Marketplace Rates.

2) Deliver a better guest experience

There are certain tours & activities that will be complementary to yours. This means that when a guest goes on both tours or activities, they’ll enjoy a better overall experience.

For example, if you run a kayaking or boat tour, you could resell a picnic experience by the water. It’ll be a great way for your guest to unwind after an exciting day out. By going on both activities, your guest will have a better overall experience and will be much more satisfied with your operation.

Another great example would be wineries. When guests go wine tasting in a wine region, they generally want to head to a few different wineries. This is why many wineries who use Rezdy resell wine-tasting experiences at other nearby wineries that they recommend. Some wineries have even collaborated to offer a package tour that brings guests to all the participating wineries.

Working with different operators can bring synergy that delivers a better day for your guests.

3) Get more bookings

If you’re constantly sending your guests to other operators, they are likely to reciprocate. Meaning, you’ll likely also start receiving guests from other tour operators. Although you may also need to pay a small commission, it’s a great way to generate more bookings without much effort.

It’s worth noting that these may be guests you would not have access to without your partner tour operators.

Each reseller typically reaches a guest at a different stage of the traveler’s journey. For example, travelers browse online travel agents while planning their trip, go through flyers at the airport while traveling to their destination and ask their accommodation or hotels for recommended experiences once they’re in-destination.

Tour operators, however, can recommend other tours & activities to the guests during or after the guests’ experience, a stage that no other reseller has access to.

4) Relationship building with other operators

Reselling other operators will lead to better relationships as you’re constantly communicating with one another. This collaboration can often lead to sharing of knowledge(eg. How each individual deals with difficult customers, chargebacks, fraud, etc.) and ideas or even more formal partnerships such as a collaborated tour & activity package featuring both of your tours & activities.

Constantly building relationships with other operators will allow you to continually expand your network which may bring you a lot more benefits and opportunities.

5) Brand awareness

Once you’ve built good partnerships with reputable operators, you’ll likely both be sending guests to each other. You both may even feature each other’s tours or activities on your premises or website.

This’ll increase your brand awareness over time, as more and more people learn about you from other reputable operators.

6) Stand out from competitors

By featuring other tours & activities, or even offering packages in collaboration with complementary tours & activities, you’ll stand out from competitors with a more diverse range of tours & activities.

This helps you appeal to a wider range of customers more quickly, without the need to invest in creating more tours & activities.

Customers who are looking to do a few activities will also be more likely to book all their activities with you as you offer a smoother way for them to plan their day.

7) Low-risk

The best part is that reselling other tours & activities comes with very low risk. As long as the tours & activities you are reselling are from operators who are reputable and who you trust, your guests are more than likely going to have a great time.

You’ll be able to grow your revenue without the need for additional investment and your partner operator will benefit from more bookings. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

8) Support your local region as a tourism destination

By referring guests to each other’s tours and activities, you’ll ensure that the guest has a better trip overall, as they’ll be able to discover everything your region has to offer. They’ll go home to their friends and family and talk about the great time they had and recommend your region as a tourism destination.

Over time, this will continue to build your region as a top tourism destination, which’ll attract even more guests for you and other local operators.

The bottom line

As a tour operator, you’re in a unique position to offer valuable recommendations to your guests and make their trip as fun and memorable as possible. Reselling other tours and activities lets you do this for your guests while retaining some benefits for yourself.

It’s a fast, risk-free way to grow your revenue while building great relationships with your local community. You can get started reselling other tours & activities near you today using Rezdy.

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