Why Visitor information Centres are the Hub in a Destination, but don’t act like it.

Why Visitor information Centres are the Hub in a Destination, but don’t act like it.

As the Visitor Information Centre in your region, you are considered the local expert — the go-to place for travelers to get information on all the best tours and activities in the area.

In many ways, you are the hub of the destination, but it’s not always easy to streamline the process and make reservations as efficient as possible for your visitors.

A common scenario

A traveler walks in, wanting to go on a whale watching tour. As an oceanfront destination, there are several different tour operators that offer this activity. You look them up, and begin calling the various locations.

Many of the tour operators are out on their excursions for the day, and it can take you up to 15-20 minutes to get a hold of someone and make that reservation. The traveler might be frustrated or disappointed that they are wasting their precious vacation minutes trying to complete their booking, and you might feel stressed if you can’t get a hold of the right person at the right time.

You won’t have to endure this agony any longer.

With the Rezdy Marketplace, you can instantly view live availability for all of the tours and activities in your area, making the reservation process more enjoyable for both you and the visitor.

Features of the Rezdy Marketplace

  • Immediate access to live availability allows you to minimize the amount of time it takes to find the activity or tour your visitor is searching for, and allows you to look more professional as you relay the information to them.
  • Product descriptions and pictures of each tour are available, giving you the information you need in order to be confident in your recommendations for travelers in the area. You can also showcase this information to your travelers, so that they can make the right decision based on their own interests and desires. This feature gives you the confidence you need in order to increase your reservations and bring in more visitors to your hub.
  • Easy and quick booking features allow you to make your visitors’ reservations in a matter of seconds. The average time it takes to book a tour through the marketplace is just 1 quick minute. You can look up the information you need, instantly book the tour, and send the traveler on their way to enjoy the rest of their vacation.

Increase the efficiency of your Visitor Information Centre

Streamline the process for your guests. Now is the best time to connect with Rezdy, and begin booking tours and activities today. Take the time to check out the Rezdy Marketplace, and see what tour and activity suppliers in your region are already utilizing the Rezdy online booking system.

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