When it comes to comparing different tour operator reservation software, you’ll of course be weighing up different features and factors. One of the important things to look out for is the number of staff accounts allowed on any particular platform or plan. Many of our competitors restrict plans to just one, three or five staff accounts. While this might seem like a small detail, having limited staff accounts could actually really limit your business. Here’s why Rezdy supports unlimited users with individual tracking – on every one of our plans.  

What are staff user accounts?

A user account has its own log-in credentials, an assigned email address and access to your company inventory, orders, customer information, calendar and manifest. You’ll have at least one user account with any tourism booking software, but there are several benefits to setting up individual user accounts for each of your staff members. These benefits include:

1) Being able to assign and track staff members

If your account is set up correctly with each staff member having their own user account, then assigning, tracking and communicating with each staff member becomes second nature within the system. For example, Rezdy can be used as comprehensive tour guide software because you can assign a particular tour guide to each group of guests and remove the chance of double-booking staff members each day. 

2) The ability to maintain one owner account

If staff accounts are limited, tour and activity operators might find themselves sharing one set of log-in credentials with multiple members of their team – so everyone signs in as the owner of the business. This can lead to major problems; it makes it difficult to track who changed what, and it eliminates the ability to assign or notify individual users. Having a tour management platform with one user account is a bit like everyone sharing one phone!  

3) Providing a personalised experience for each user

Each staff member plays a unique role within the business, and as such your booking platform should be able to provide a user experience that’s personalised to that person. Your webmaster will need to access back-end tools to keep your website running smoothly, for example, while your accountant will need access to financial data and reports. Rezdy makes it simple to assign a particular access role and a personalised dashboard for each staff member, even on the Rezdy mobile booking app. You can explore the different access roles over in this support article.

4) Restricting access to your business information

There might often be business information you simply don’t need all staff members to see, from financial information through to booking analytics. By providing a unique staff user account for each person, you can limit information access to the relevant people and maintain greater security over your guest and business data. 

Ultimately, user accounts help you to coordinate your team and scale your business with confidence. They’re really a key tool for growth for many activity and tourism operators. 

So before you choose your travel and tourism software for bookings, be sure to assess whether you’ll have easy access to unlimited user accounts and factor this into your decision. We know staff access is important to tourism operators, which is why we don’t limit staff accounts on any plan. We’re so sure you’ll love Rezdy that we offer a free 21-day trial.  

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