The purpose of a tour description is to supply potential customers with more information about your tour that’ll compel them to book. Remember, potential customers only see the description after clicking into your listing. This means they’re already interested.

However, don’t bombard them with too much information. The fact is, most people are now booking on their phones. A smaller screen means less room for words.

Keep your description brief but informative. Use warm and inviting language to tell a story and point out what makes you unique. You want the potential customer to imagine themselves there, make them the protagonist!

We strongly advise against putting contact details, terms of service and cancellation policies in the description as there are specific places to enter that information.

You’ll be asked to provide 2 descriptions when you list with Rezdy: A brief description and a long description.

Brief Description:

Meant for a potential customer to quickly understand what a listing is about in two sentences or less.

  • Between 25 and 40 words.
  • Describes the listing as quickly as possible.
  • Understood by an international audience.
  • Uses sentence case.
  • Does not contain contact information.

Here’s a skydiving example:

  • Jump from an ex-military aircraft, 10,000 feet from the ground. Adrenaline guaranteed.

Long Description

Similar to short tour description except:

  • Between 100 and 400 words.
  • Provides detailed description of the listing including itinerary and requirements (dietary, age, experience, health issues).
  • Opportunity to tell a story.
  • Use headings and lists to structure information.

Here’s a skydiving example:

Ever wondered how superheroes feel while flying through the clouds? Stop wondering, because now you can feel it too. Book our hero package now which includes:

  • 30-minute bus-ride through the coastal highways to our sky-dive centre.
  • Introduction and safety briefing with one of our sky-diving extraordinaire.
  • 20-minute flight on our ex-military aircraft to the drop zone.
  • 10,000 feet drop where you’ll experience fear, excitement and pure adrenaline.
  • Your personalised sky-diving video that you’ll be able to show your friends.

Also, ensure that you include:

  1. Who the experience is for?
  2. What’s excluded?
  3. What to bring?
  4. Any other important information?

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