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Rezdy’s online booking platform is second to none when it comes to tour & activity operations.

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Rezdy is the only online booking solution you need

Whether you’re a startup or an established tour operator, the right online booking software can make or break your business. The right one will make it easy for you to cut down on administrative tasks and let you actually focus on growing your business. Not to mention, it will get you more bookings as well.

Discover Rezdy’s online booking solution today and learn how we can make your life easy and help automate your business. See why Rezdy is the booking solution for tour operators and activity providers around the world.

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Easy automation

Prior to discovering Rezdy, a lot of smaller businesses were working with Excel spreadsheets and emails and text messages. Not only does it slow down the amount of bookings you can get, it also creates opportunity for bookings to slip through the cracks. You never have to worry about that with Rezdy’s online booking system, which will centralise all your data and automate your processes. Rezdy will seamlessly take the booking, payment and send out a confirmation to your customer in one go. You’ll then be able to access this information via the central dashboard. Using our reservation system also means that you’ll be ‘open’ 24/7 to accept online bookings so you’ll never miss out on any valuable customers just because they’re on a different continent.

Cut down on admin time

Unless you’re the owner, you probably don’t understand how much behind the scenes work goes in to keep a business running, especially in a field as diverse and ever-changing as tour operations. But we get it and that’s why our online booking system is designed to help you cut down on that tedious admin work. We have an easy to use central dashboard where you can see all your bookings, generate detailed reports and look at all your bookings in one functional calendar. We also accommodate integration of all the important business applications like Xero and Google Analytics, and a large variety of payment gateway options including our own Rezdy Payment Gateway as well. Without having to switch between programs and waste time figuring out how to work each one, you can save time and use it instead to focus on doing what you love – growing your business.

Connect with online travel agents and grow

Rezdy’s Marketplace has opened up endless opportunities for our clients. It’s a real-time market platform where you can connect with the world’s most comprehensive agent database, including the big players from GetYourGuide and Expedia through to local information centers and hotel concierges. Simply by coming on board and registering a product on our unique marketplace, you can offer your tours to a broader worldwide audience – which then results in increased booking rates!

Social Media Bookings

We all know that social media is the way of the future, and if your business is booming on Facebook – we want to make bookings easier for you there as well. Nothing hinders bookings more than having to go through the whole process of clicking to the ‘About’ page to find a website then actually finding the page to book online. So we offer a unique Facebook Booking Integration for businesses who have over 2,000 page likes to make it easier for your prospective customers to just seal the deal.

We’ll always want to hear from you

Once you come on board with Rezdy, you’ll get unlimited support – and that’s not an empty promise. Our customer success team genuinely want to hear from you, whether it’s about a problem that they can help fix or even if it’s feedback that can make your experience better. You can either give us a call – we have teams on both hemispheres – or just drop us a line in the Rezdy Chatbot below. You can even hit us up on Facebook Messenger and we promise you’ll be talking to a real person, real soon.

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These are only a few of the configurable features that Rezdy’s online booking system can offer your business.

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