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Rezdy is built for your business. Discover features and resources specific to tour and activity providers. It’s important that your booking system provider understands your business, which is why Rezdy is the best booking solution for you.

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<h3 style=Rezdy makes bookings simple"/>

Rezdy makes bookings simple

Rezdy makes bookings simple for experience and activity providers, Great American Days. Before finding Rezdy’s online booking system, Adrian said “our biggest challenge was efficiency. It was too much work for a simple booking.” Staff were overwhelmed by the manual process, which was restricting their efficiency within the business. Today, Great American Days are working more efficiently than ever, saving time and completing more bookings on a daily basis. Rezdy simplified the process, so they could be a better activity provider.

<h3 style=Rezdy leaves no room for error"/>

Rezdy leaves no room for error

Rezdy leaves no room for error unlike working from spreadsheets and notes in Word docs. Peter James runs tour operating business Dubai Is Fun, and says that he was restricted from seeing the full picture when it came to keeping track of business, bookings and outstanding tasks, which set them up for mistakes. However Rezdy resolved this. With seamless integration and an easy to use system, James says the online booking software is the reason their business was able to grow.

<h3 style=Rezdy lets you kick start new businesses the right way"/>

Rezdy lets you kick start new businesses the right way

Rezdy lets you kick start new businesses the right way. Dave Furnell from Storytellers Eco Cycle Tours understood that as a new business in a big market, efficiency was the key to success. He was after a solution that would provide a way to manage bookings seamlessly and efficiently from the get-go. Rezdy was that solution. Dave says he tells everyone he knows in the industry about Rezdy’s intuitive and simple-to-use booking system, stating that “it’s a challenge to create software as powerful as Rezdy…and to make it as smooth and simple as they deliver.”

Read the full reviews from these happy tour operators and see how Rezdy is changing the booking process all around the world. Or see how it works for yourself right now:

<h3 style=Use intuitive booking solutions to help you save time. "/>

Use intuitive booking solutions to help you save time.

  • Access insights and all aspects of business operations in a single organised dashboard.
  • The intelligent interface facilitates rapid responses to questions so clients are never left waiting for answers to their queries.
  • Manage your business on the go at anytime, anywhere, from any device. From online and offline bookings, phone calls and even management of inventory – Rezdy is the solution to a streamlined booking process that tour operators need.
<h3 style=Watch your business grow."/>

Watch your business grow.

  • Our online booking system provides you with the resources you need to get your business found and loved by more clients.
  • Utilise powerful tools that let you retain clients through promotional campaigns; attract new clients by requesting reviews from satisfied customers; and keeping current clients happy and supported through every step of their journey with you.
<h3 style=Get help from real people, who really care"/>

Get help from real people, who really care

  • Our Support Team is handpicked to deliver you the best possible experience, no matter what point you are at in your Rezdy journey.
  • With a continuous outburst of positive testimonials about satisfied customer experiences, you can always rely on us to be there when you need us.
  • We are responsive, proactive and we listen to your feedback, which is why our clients love working with Rezdy’s Support Team.
<h3 style=We are more than just an online booking system."/>

We are more than just an online booking system.

  • Rezdy offers a networking interface for tour and activity providers to connect with likeminded people in the industry.
  • Build relationships with companies who share the same passions as you, and grow your businesses together.

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Rezdy provides you with all this and more, and we will continue to innovate, so you can continue to grow.