Sean and Trevor's flyboarding business sees a 25% revenue growth in its first year with Rezdy.

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Sean Ray is the manager and instructor at Flyboard Las Vegas, a thrilling flying-on-water experience in Lake Las Vegas, Nevada. Flyboarding consists of wearing a water-powered jetpack with a pair of boots or backpack that is attached to a jet ski through a hose. It then redirects the water and elevates the rider by water pressure. Adventure-hungry guests are given an insanely fun jetpack experience of freedom to soar effortlessly on water.

Since starting with Rezdy in early 2016, Flyboard Las Vegas is witnessing a substantial, steady booking number growth of 20% every month mas well as an overall 25% increase in revenue.

As 95% of their bookings now come online (through Rezdy!), Flyboard Las Vegas can now shift their growth efforts to Rezdy Marketplace where they can connect and trade with hundreds of agents worldwide, ready to bring flyboarding in front of an international audience.

Implementing Rezdy has helped solve Sean’s ongoing problem of lack of time. It’s freed him up so he can focus on what he does best – teach people to fly above water.

“I’ve been involved in this sport for a while but the thing that still excites me the most is seeing my customers exceed their own expectations and stand up and fly around. When they actually do, their excitement is absolutely contagious!

Rezdy was the first and the only booking system we have used since we’ve opened up. The setup process was incredibly easy to manage for both our employees and customers. Our main focus is to “fly” people and not worry about the back end side of things. Rezdy makes the background process seamless while we continue to focus on our customers and products.”

“Since implementing Rezdy, our bookings have been growing by 20% every month.”

With Rezdy, Flyboard Las Vegas can automate lengthy administration tasks that previously took up a lot of time.

“The stress that it saves from just being able to have it run so easily for customers and us, it saves us a lot of time. We focus on more aspects of the business itself, instead of looking after day-to-day bookings.”

“We focus on more aspects of the business itself, instead of looking after day-to-day bookings.”

Automate your bookings

Rezdy has since implemented a wide range of fresh, industry-specific features which tour operators and business owners love.

“Customers choose us over our competitors because their experience with us is effortless. They do everything themselves. If they do have any questions, they are answered automatically and this helps running of the business immensely.

Since Rezdy integrates with TripAdvisor Review Express, it boosts our business credibility and reduces marketing costs. People tend to forget to leave a review after they’ve completed their experience. Rezdy puts it in front of them and makes them act on it.”

“Customers choose us over our competitors because thanks to Rezdy, their experience with us is effortless.”

Sean is optimistic about the future of flyboarding and how a smooth booking process will help his business growth.

“Flyboarding is a brand new sport. It’s really taking off and the more people hear about it, the more they’re going to want to come and try it with us. We predict huge growth in bookings in the next year, especially now that we’ve integrated with Rezdy Marketplace.

It’s very important to work with a company that’s able to scale with our volume. We choose to grow with a company like Rezdy because it will be able to handle our growth over the coming years.”

… and he gladly recommends Rezdy to small businesses that are not familiar with technology.
“We highly recommend Rezdy to new companies that are a bit uncertain about the online world, because it really is so easy to learn, use and train your staff on. The support team is very helpful with any problems we face. They answer us immediately, and there’s never any delay. If you’re looking for a reliable, proven online booking system – choose Rezdy.”

“If you’re looking for a reliable, proven online booking system – choose Rezdy.”

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