Rezdy Channel Manager for tours and activities

Regardless of your booking system or size of business, access the broadest network of resellers in the industry – expand your reach, automate your processes and grow.

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Want to expand your reach and automate processes?

Rezdy Channel Manager has been designed for the Experiences Industry: a distribution platform with automation tools, award-winning connectivity & the broadest reach of resellers – from major online travel agencies to thousands of additional resellers locally & globally.

Management made easy with an omni-channel booking system

  • Limited time & resources to research, connect & build relationships with resellers
  • Lack of advanced tools and automation to solve manual tasks
  • Manual backend processes make it hard to open last-minute availability & avoid overbooking
  • Lack of visibility & insight into partners working best with your business
  • Keeping up with commission payments & reconciliations

We’re here to help

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Unlock growth & automation via Rezdy Channel Manager

Manage your rates and inventory in your booking system and seamlessly update in real-time across all desired online channels through our integration.

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45% of travelers prefer to book a trip from a single website that offers flights, accommodations, car rentals and extras*

As a result, OTA’s are growing faster than any other channel** and
having a distribution strategy is now more important than ever

*Travelport Retailing 2022
**Arival The role of OTAs 2022

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Who can use Rezdy Channel Manager?


Rezdy Booking Software customers

Rezdy customers take advantage of the seamless connection between Rezdy booking software and the widest range of distribution channels – already built in to the booking software


Suppliers with their own booking system

Tour, activity and attraction providers with their own booking systems can connect to Rezdy.  Expand and grow, and let Rezdy build and maintain technical connections.


Suppliers on an alternative booking system

Rezdy integrates with a number of alternative reservation systems & continuously adds more, providing suppliers access to Rezdy Channel Manager from their preferred system.

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Get connected to the worlds largest distribution network

with 25k+ resellers globally and locally

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Why choose Rezdy for Channel Management?

  • Seamless management via a two-way sync of live rates, availability, bookings & more
  • Award-winning connectivity with the largest network of resellers globally
  • Choose the partners you wish to work with
  • Digitize local in-destination trade & add new resellers
  • Sell to local operators regardless of their booking system
  • Dedicated technical experts maintaining connections
  • Distribution expertise and 24/7 support
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Get the most out of Rezdy Channel Manager

Directly connect with resellers around the globe through the world’s largest distribution network, diversifying revenue streams globally & locally

Google things to do

Manage agreements and distribute real-time rates & inventory across your chosen reseller channels via a live two-way sync – in one central location. Add local offline agents and manage everything in one central location.

benefits of online booking system

Best in class tools to automate processes, reduce manual reconciliation and acquire more bookings to compliment direct sales. Reporting provides insight into partners working the best for your business.

tour pricing

Control distribution, find new partners & protect your business from reliance on direct channels or any single distribution channel

Booking software for cooking schools
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Beyond the obvious reseller's benefits


Access to new markets

Gain exposure in difficult to reach international markets, with the opportunity to be included in large scale marketing campaigns from OTAs and DMOs


Additional marketing

Be everywhere customers are. Even if they don't book through the reseller, gain free exposure.


Access to new audiences

Connect with new customer audiences via niche travel specialists and traditional travel agencies



Only pay commissions upon receiving a booking from a reseller

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Connecting with Rezdy Channel Manager

RezdyConnect API integration

For suppliers with their own booking system or an alternative system, RezdyConnect API provides full end-to-end automation through your source system to Rezdy connected distribution channels.

Distribution manager

Don’t already have a system or developer resources? Simply create an account within Rezdy, then load & manage your products with your chosen resellers without an integration. Some limitations may apply.

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RezdyConnectDistribution manager
Booking software requiredYesNo
Integration requiredYesNo
AutomationFull end-to-end automation with chosen resellers through your source systemAutomation through your Rezdy account to chosen resellers
Inventory managementAutomatically syncs rates, availability & bookings with your source system in real-timeManual inventory management within Rezdy to avoid overbooking on your direct channels
Distribution channelsUnlimited access to all of Rezdy’s connected channels, ability to add your own offline resellers and sell or be sold by other resellersUnlimited access to all of Rezdy’s connected channels, ability to add your own offline resellers and sell or be sold by other resellers
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Capterra stars Rated 4.6/5 based on Capterra reviews

Join us and this could be you

"Using Rezdy for channel management is a major contributor to our recovery. We are now merchandising products on several ideal online marketplaces, and have become more competitive. Our products sell very well, and our OTA partners have begun marketing and pushing our products in their own ad campaigns. This has greatly amplified our digital marketing reach and frequency."

Chief Operating Officer
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Learn more about Channel Management

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Got questions? It's only natural

  • Do I need to be on Rezdy’s Booking Software to use Rezdy’s Channel Manager?

    No, regardless of your source system or size of business, you can connect your current booking system to Rezdy just for Channel Management.

  • The booking software/ticketing system that I use doesn’t offer channel management. What are my options?

    If you would like full end-to-end automation with our Channel Manager and your current source system does not offer it, we are happy to speak with them for you. You can fill out this form with your information as well as the information of your source system and one of our team members will contact you both.

  • Where will I manage my products?

    You will continue to manage your products through your source system and changes will be synced across chosen reseller connections via a live two-way synchronization

  • What level of support is available?

    We have a dedicated support team to assist our customers. Support options include live chat available 24/7, phone & email support, tutorials, an online help and training center, and dedicated account management as appropriate.

  • What is the stability of your product?

    We take our service levels very seriously: we have a 99% platform uptime and received GetYourGuide’s Premium Partner status – awarded based on API performance & features and only given to the top 4 of 150 GetYourGuide partners. As well as a Viator Top Connectivity Partner, awarded to the 6 highest performing technology partners.

  • Is Rezdy owned by an OTA?

    Rezdy is completely independent which allows us to be unbiased & serve everyone equally. You maintain ownership of all your data.

  • Do I have to connect to resellers?

    No! We offer access to the largest network of resellers in the industry so you can choose which channels best suit your business needs.

  • If I have a direct relationship with certain resellers already, can I still use Rezdy to connect with others?

    Absolutely! You can add and manage direct reseller relationships as well as connect with new resellers directly through our platform. 

  • Can I act as an agent as well as a supplier?

    Yes you can. If you’re a tour operator, hotelier, tourist information centre etc, you can act as an agent.  With Rezdy Channel Manager, you can search for other suppliers near you, and then connect to either resell their products at market rates (agreed commission rates) or negotiate your own agreed rates.

  • How do I know if my reservation system is already connected to use Rezdy Channel Manager?

    You can fill out this form with your information as well as the information of your source system and one of our team members will contact you both.

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