Rezdy + FreemanX Experience

Give FreemanX Experience access to your live inventory!

Easily manage all your bookings from one place

Rezdy is a simple, easy to use online booking software for tours and activities. It is jam-packed with all the features you need to ramp up your marketing, operations, and distribution.


Connect Rezdy & FreemanX Experience to give FreemanX Experience customers access to your real-time availability

Connect Rezdy & FreemanX Experience to give FreemanX Experience customers access to your real-time availability

Rezdy now integrates with FreemanX Experience, an online experience retailer. With this app, FreemanX Experience customers will be able to check availability and make bookings directly with you for the products you have listed with them.

What is FreemanX Experience?

FreemanX Experience has been in the business of matching amazing experiences to amazing people for over 10 years, across Australia and New Zealand.
FreemanX Experience are constantly combing the country for the fastest, highest, greatest & most adrenaline pumping experiences, from the top suppliers to offer to their customers.

Whether looking for a gift, or looking for something to do – FreemanX Experience have got their customers sorted with a range of delivery & customization options.

How to integrate Rezdy and FreemanX Experience

Already a connected Supplier?

Simply go to FreemanX Experience in the Rezdy agent list.

Not a connected Supplier yet?

They would love to offer your experience direct to their clients so get in touch today!

If you are interested in working with FreemanX Experience through Rezdy, you will first need to register with FreemanX Experience.

Once you are a FreemanX Experience Supplier, simply invite FreemanX Experience as an Agent through your Rezdy software.

Email contact:

Click here for instructions on how to invite agents.