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Business Booking System

As a business owner and tour operator, there are a thousand small tasks that can take up all your time. Rezdy’s booking system has been designed to make your life easier with configurable settings that you can tailor to your business needs. When you manage bookings online with Rezdy you can spend more time focusing on growing your business.

Discover the Rezdy booking software today and learn how we can help streamline your processes and let you focus on what you love.

Find out why Rezdy is the go-to business booking system for tour operators and activity providers.

<h3 style=Bookings around the clock"/>

Bookings around the clock

The last thing you want as a tour operator is not being able to take bookings. Unfortunately, if you’re still just waiting for enquiries to come through then you’ll soon be left behind. Rezdy’s booking platform is designed to automate all the processes for you, manage the details, and let you access it through an easy back end interface. Everything from the initial booking, taking payment and automated emails to confirming the booking will be looked after by Rezdy. By coming on board with Rezdy, you’ll be able to do things like take credit card payments right there and then, reduce no shows that don’t follow through from enquiries and most importantly, you’ll be able to get bookings 24/7.

<h3 style=Pick your choice of payment"/>

Pick your choice of payment

As a global online booking provider, Rezdy understands that no one payment gateway is going to be right for every tour operator. So we offer integrations with a wide range of payment gateways worldwide. Whether it’s PayPal or something more specific to your region, we’ve most likely got you covered. And for our customers in Australia, United States, New Zealand and Canada, we offer our very own Rezdy Payment Gateway powered by Stripe, which offers very competitive transaction rates.

<h3 style=Put your tours out there"/>

Put your tours out there

Beyond being just a booking system, we also offer our clients access to the unique Rezdy Marketplace. Being able to register their tours on our real-time market platform has really changed the game for our clients. They’ve been able to connect with bigger platforms like Expedia right through to hotel concierges and local information centers. And by being able to offer their tours to a broader worldwide audience, they’ve seen their bookings increase.

<h3 style=More time to do what you love"/>

More time to do what you love

While all business owners know that admin work is an inevitability, it doesn’t mean you have to be chained to your desk because of it. Rezdy is a business booking system that will take away all the painful paperwork and manual data entry, letting you focus on growing your business instead.  Even just the booking page alone can help with not having to manually write down any details. We’re particularly proud of our simple yet effective central dashboard which will let view and manage your bookings and set up automated sales reports that you can customise for your liking plus so much more. It also works on our Booking App so you can access all this information on the go.

<h3 style=The reviews tell the story"/>

The reviews tell the story

You can learn about our features, and we can keep talking about it as well but the proof lies with our happy customers. Ask any of them and they’ll tell you that they’ve come from other booking platforms where they received no support but when they call Rezdy, they always talk to a real person on the other end. They’ll tell you that they’ve been able to seamlessly integrate applications that help their business run smoothly. Have a read (or watch) or our customer success stories to see how Rezdy has helped businesses just like yours.

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