8 Free digital marketing tools

Measure your online presence with these digital marketing tools. It’s crucial to understand how your website is performing. Doing so, will help you to understand what is or isn’t working for your website  – think about the placement of certain images, social media promotions and the colors of buttons etc.

Here is a list of free training tools that will help you measure your website’s  performance.

1. Get to know your customer

Google Analytics

Learn how to understand your customers, while getting insight into your website and app data. Google Analytics shows you data that will help you to reach the right customers. It also shows you which channels customers are coming from and which pages are converting.

2. Appear on Google Search

Google Search Console

Optimize your website with Search Console tools to increase your website’s exposure on Google Search. Using this tool will help you measure your website performance and traffic, and fix issues to help you optimize your website for Google Search.

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3. Let customers know you have a business on Google

Google My Business

Google is the most powerful search engine in the world and is the most widely used across the globe, that’s why it makes absolute sense to have a Google My Business listing. When your customer searches for your business using Google your My Business listing will provide them with the most relevant information  — including your contact information, hours and customer ratings. My Business listing is a simple way to make sure that your business gets the best visibility on the Google SERP.

Here’s a helpful link to Google My Business to get you started.

4. Build your social media audience with Hootsuite


Schedule your content calendar weeks or months in advance while building your social media following. The Hootsuite platform also offers social media training courses to help drive traffic to your social media and/or website, as well as build your brand awareness.


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5. See what content is creating a buzz


Learn what keywords or topics are currently creating a buzz. Whatever the topic or competitor, this platform will tell you what’s currently ‘buzzing’ in your industry. This platform can also help you to write content.

6. Search for a blog topic

Answer the Public

Building a blog is crucial to organic search and traffic. Blogs help by appearing in the organic searches when  search engine crawl for keywords, topics and engagement. Using Answer the Public, will help you to choose and write about the  perfect topic for your audience.

7. Personalize your graphics


Canva is a different type of content site; it’s the place to go for free graphics for your content and can be personalized to meet your needs. For example, you can create a quick logo for your website or a graphic to share on social media. It’s also an affordable way to get professional-looking graphics for your tour and activity company.

8. Database of free stock images


Unsplash is another content site where you can find  free stock images for your website, blog or social posts. Unsplash has a massive database of photographs that allows you to search for anything you need; it’s a photo of people mid-activity or an image of an appealing scene or  insightful detail.

Want to learn more?

We hope you found these free digital marketing tools useful! To learn more about tools and digital marketing take a look below.

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