The Latest Australian Traveler Trends

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As a tour operator, it’s important to keep on top of emerging trends in travel trends. Amadeus identified certain types of travellers that are emerging in Australia. Watch this quick video for a quick recap of their research.

1. The Independent Traveller

60% of leisure and 41% of travellers are making their own travel arrangements, generally via Internet

Flexibility and lower costs are the main reasons for travellers to book online by themselves

Only 50% of tourism providers in Australia currently have booking facilities on their websites Tweet this stat!

20% of tourism providers in Australia have no website at all

2. Generation ‘S’ (Senior)

The number of over 65s is growing by 76%, from just under 4 million in 2011 to almost 7 million in 2030

Almost 40% of over 65 year old travellers state that they will use a travel agent in future for travel arrangements

3. The Female Business Traveller

Australia already has a higher penetration of female business travellers than other markets (except China)

Well over 50% of all graduates in Australia are female

Female business travellers rely on peer recommendations and advice more than men