Save time with automation for tour and activity operators

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Save time with automation for tour and activity operators

Free your time by using technology and automation

Being a tour operator can be frustrating and time-consuming, especially when you are spending hours managing bookings, printing and reprinting manifests and dealing with last-minute bookings and cancellations. Sometimes your days are consumed entirely by paper and admin, leaving opportunities to grow your business pushed to one side. Rezdy’s booking software takes the frustration away with its calendar, manifest tools, payment gateway and its ability to automatically communicate with your customers.

As a tour operator, your day can flow smoothly and efficiently or feel laborious and frustrating. How do we know? Because our founder was a tour operator.

Our Save Time Ebook will show you how your current problems and frustrations can be solved using automated booking software such as Rezdy. Read through and discover ways to improve your day to day efficiency, to grow in confidence and free up time so you can focus on your company’s journey.

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This Ebook goes through 6 chapters outlining:

  • Easy ways to improve your business using manifest tools
  • Automating your resources and allocations
  • Customer Communications: Tackling customer communication before, during and after tours
  • Managing your payment transactions in one account
  • Managing your product inventory more effectively with technology
  • Creating great customer experience by using automation for meet and greet communications

Making changes to the way that you operate your tour company can seem daunting, especially if you’ve run your business in your own ‘unique’ way for many years. However, it’s worth weighing this up against the daily frustrations you currently face, such as wasting hours each day updating manifests and reallocating resources depending on new bookings or cancellations.