Rezdy vs Trekksoft Booking Software Comparison

Choosing the right booking software is key to your business’s online success so it’s important to know how different ones shape up and which one is the best fit for you.

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How is Rezdy better than Trekksoft?

Choosing Rezdy over Trekksoft means that you will always get your questions answered properly and constant innovations to make sure a seamless user experience that will get you more bookings. We have better pricing and plans as well.

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<h3 style=We’ll always support you"/>

We’ll always support you

This issue of support seems to keep coming up when our competitors are mentioned, but we don’t mind – Rezdy will always come out on top. Our booking software is designed for ease of use for both you and your end customer, and this includes easy set up and integration as well. But we get that you need a little extra help sometimes and more in-depth walk-throughs of the program. So once you’re on board with us, you’ll have free and unlimited customer support.

We’re always happy to hear from you so give our customer success team a call, send us a message on the Rezdy chatbot or drop us a line on Facebook Messenger.

We know that any delay getting responses from support can be detrimental to your tour and activity business – sometimes you need to be able to troubleshoot an issue quickly in order to keep your online bookings coming in. Rezdy will always put you first – no matter what plan you’re on – and get your question or query solved in a timely manner.

We also keep our comprehensive help center up-to-date with how-to videos and set up guides that are actually relevant to the software today.

While it’s all well and good to compare ourselves to smaller competitors when it comes to support, we’re proud to say that even in comparison with other big tour operator booking softwares such as Trekksoft, our support team comes out on top. Because we are about your experience – and about you.

<h3 style=User experience first"/>

User experience first

While we do our absolute best to support you as our client, Rezdy also understands how important user experience on our booking software is for your end customer as well. That’s why we constantly strive to make improvements to it – while always notifying you – so you can continue to get all those bookings!

You’d think that all tour operator booking softwares should have their user experience right but unfortunately, it isn’t a common experience across the board.

When the experience is slow, or overcomplicated, this means that your own user experience as a tour operator is already poor, and increases the time spent on administrative tasks that can hinder growing your business. Combine this with poor user experience on mobile as well and you’ve got yourself a big problem.

You’ll never have to worry about these things with Rezdy booking software because we strive to make both your (and your customer’s) user experience the best it can possibly be. We know that Rezdy booking forms already work and integrate seamlessly into your own website’s booking page on desktop computers but we can guarantee that it will also adapt to the device that your customer is using and make it as easy for them to book a tour. Even if your website isn’t optimised for mobile, we can talk you through that and give you a plugin that sends the customer to a mobile-optimized Rezdy booking form.

Our Booking App is also really handy for tour operators and activity providers because you can manage all your bookings on the go. We know you’re not always at your desk but it doesn’t mean your business has to suffer for it because you can’t access your manifests due to poor mobile experience.

<h3 style=Better Pricing and Plans"/>

Better Pricing and Plans

While we can promise you that our booking software works and will work hard for you, we also know that a lot of the time it comes down to pricing. Luckily though, Rezdy is pretty competitive in that area as well. Obviously, compared to our smaller competitors, we might cost a little more but can also provide a lot more support, features and innovation.

But even when compared to competitors like Trekksoft, Rezdy can offer a lot more for our (cheaper) prices. Our plans are actually unlimited when it comes to users, products and agent connections.  So while Trekksoft’s pricing also comes in three tiers, and on the surface it may seem like a similar offer to Rezdy’s, they place a lot of limitations on each of their plans. This includes limiting the amount of users on each of the plans at 2, 5 and 10 users.

On our side, Rezdy have tailored user roles and you can add as many staff as you want and need to help you manage your bookings. There’s none of this swapping passwords business so you can accommodate for your staff on a smaller plan. We think that’s just unfair on smaller businesses who probably have more than 2 staff but can’t justify a larger plan. We also understand that it takes more than 10 staff to run a larger business so we won’t hold you ransom until you pay us more.

So overall, you can trust that our prices – even after the conversion to Euros from Australian and US Dollars – are more competitive plus you’ll be getting more valuable features, including our time and support.

At the end of the day, the best way to see how Rezdy can work for your business is trying it for yourself. Sign up for our 21 day free trial and we promise you'll love it.

Success Stories We’ve laid it out for you about why we’re better than Trekksoft and other competitors but the proof is in the pudding.We have plenty of success stories and here are what some of them have to say about the Rezdy booking software and how we’ve improved their business.

<h3 style=Barefoot Downunder"/>

Barefoot Downunder

Like many other smaller businesses, Barefoot Downunder found that they had to increase their online presence and be available 24/7 for bookings. Owners and operators, Debbie and Adam provide unique tour experiences for young international travellers and backpackers who only book online, and often during different time zones as well. They now completely rely on Rezdy booking software to take, process and confirm bookings meaning they can be ‘open’ all the time.

Implementing Rezdy also meant that Debbie could cut out all the tedious admin work thanks to the easy to use back end. This frees up their time, allowing them to get out there and be face to face with clients and agents so they can grow their business even further. But the customer service is Debbie favourite part about Rezdy because whether she’s calling for help or advice, she’s always able to talk to someone straight away – plus they’re actually happy to help!

<h3 style=Sydney Cooking School"/>

Sydney Cooking School

There’s been a massive demand in cooking classes as experiences in recent times, and Sydney Cooking School have been able to capitalise on that by implementing Rezdy. Brett and Morenna  are providing Sydneysiders and visitors with a hands-on approach to cooking classes, making it more fun and engaging. Their unique experience saw them grow immensely and they needed a booking software that could accommodate the hyper growth.

With Rezdy taking bookings, payments and sending confirmations all in one go, customers no longer have to go through a thousand steps to complete a booking. It centralises all their notifications as well – one click is all that’s required to let all their bookings know. For the guys at Sydney Cooking School, Rezdy’s outstanding customer service along with the constant work on improving the booking platform has made the decision to join and stay really easy.

Switching is easy and we can help, with no downtime in taking or processing bookings. You can find out more here. Whether you prefer on-demand, self-service resources or 1:1 time with a human, we’ll help you get set up fast and effortlessly.

A word from a happy Rezdy customer

Customers choose us over our competitors because their experience with us is effortless. They do everything themselves. If they do have any questions, they are answered automatically and this helps running of the business immensely. Sean Ray, Flyboard Las Vegas

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