The Caretaker

You are a person of integrity. You’re rarely satisfied until you know you’ve done the right thing, often going out of your way to help others. Success is not measured by material possessions but by the good you have done for others. You have an unusually high tolerance for bullshit and in business, your number 1 priority is the customer.

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The Caretaker is the personality with the highest level of emotional intelligence and communication skills. This means you:

  • Have the ability to diffuse any high-tension situation, even if you don’t want to always be in the middle of it.
  • Are able to sense the emotions of others, whether they are guests, employees or partners
  • Can provide amazing experiences to your guests, making even the most difficult guests happy with the service
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Situations you might find yourself in:

  • It’s late at night or early in the morning and you’re answering a bunch of questions on tour operator groups like Tourprenuer
  • Being extremely patient with extremely difficult and rude customers
  • Being the designated driver on a wine tasting trip
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If you weren't a tour operator, you'd be a:

Zoo Keeper

Your caring nature extends beyond people to humans as well, which would make you an excellent zoo keeper.

Hostage Negotiator

Your communication skills would make you excellent at diffusing these high tension situations.

Wedding Planner

Your caring nature make you the ideal person to manage and plan weddings where emotions may run high.

Professional Poker Player

Given you're able to sense the emotion of others, you'll be able to easily pick up on what kind of cards your opponents are holding.

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Capitalizing on your strengths:

Because of your emotional intelligence and strong communication skills, any time you spend with people will leave a lasting impression. Therefore, spending as much time as possible with your guests will ensure that you have happy customers who come back or tell their friends and family about your business.

While your priority to keep the customer happy no matter even in the most outrageous of circumstances has most likely played a huge part in the success of your business, it’s also important to be wary of those few who have malicious intent and have planned to take advantage of your kindness from the start.

You should also capitalize on resellers who value building relationships. For example:

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Hotels & accomodation

Hotels generally prioritize improving their guest’s experience over making a commission. When they send their guests your way, your services are a direct reflection of their reputation.

Therefore, they only work with a handful of operators who they trust. Relationships are extremely important to hotels when building trust. Your communication skills will give you an edge over other operators when working with hotels.


Multi-day or medium-sized tour agents

These resellers tend to have a steady group of loyal customers. Just as much as they value relationships with their customers, they value relationships with their suppliers. This is because the majority of their customers are return customers. Therefore, to build trust and keep those customers coming back, they need to ensure that the activities they recommend are the best possible.

They will also take time to communicate the details of your tours and your brand effectively, meaning you can be confident you will meet the guests’ expectations

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Lastly, make time for your team. People are the core of a business, and spending time with your team will ensure that they are happy and focused.

“If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together.”

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