The Efficient Maestro

You’re an extremely reliable and practical individual with the ability to stay grounded in the most stressful situations. You have a strong sense of duty and hate letting people down. This makes you very efficient and productive. Because you hate wasting time, you’re always looking to implement new processes that make things easier for you and everyone around you.

You have a strong thirst for knowledge, always looking to learn more. But more than just learning, what makes you unique is your ability to see the practical side of things, implementing what you have learned in a useful way.

While many of these traits may seem mechanical, you’re far from that. You’re always happy to work together with others in a collaborative way and love sharing your insights. People love talking to you as you often bring interesting facts and ideas to the table.

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Analytical, organized, resourceful and results-driven are some of the many words used to describe The Efficient Maestro.

  • Your analytical nature gives you the ability to easily uncover insights and trends which in turn make you highly effective at problem-solving and decision-making.
  • Your organizational skills give you a keen eye for detail which allows you to easily create or improve structure and processes, ensuring everything runs smoothly. Structure is also how you operate, which allows you to take on many tasks at once without letting anything fall through the cracks.
  • You’re a continuous learner, always seeking new opportunities to learn more and develop your skills, which in turn makes you highly adaptable to change.
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Situations you might find yourself in:

  • Having way too many subscriptions to productivity tools so you build a process for evaluating the productivity of the productivity tools
  • Explaining how to change a tire to your friend through the phone
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If you weren't a tour operator, you'd be a:

Booking software founder

Your need for better processes eventually led your down the path of building software that improves processes for everyone.

Lifehack Youtuber

This one just makes sense. You have library of tools and ideas for efficiency and improvement, why not share that with the world?


Whether it's buildings or aeroplanes, your ability to thinker and continually improve things make you the perfect engineer.

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Capitalizing on your strengths:

If you aren’t already a leader, don’t shy away from leadership roles. While you may feel comfortable improving processes and ensuring the business is a well-run machine on the sidelines, your sense of duty, dependability and practicality make you a great leader. In fact, the more your team sees this, the more they will naturally want to follow you.

Remember to share your knowledge. While it’s natural for you to continuously learn and improve yourself, not everyone is the same. Take the time to share your knowledge with your team, whether informally or formally. You may unknowingly know the solution to problems your team is currently facing.

If you haven’t already, there are a few features that you can implement to ensure your business runs even more smoothly.

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Automated Payments

This feature ensures that every time you receive a reseller booking, you receive the booking payment while the commission is automatically sent to the reseller, no more sending invoices or payments manually to your resellers.


Mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay

These enable one-click payment for your guests, allowing them to pay in seconds. It’s the fastest and most secure way to pay, which also makes it an easy way to boost your conversion rate.


Digitize your trade

Okay, this is not really a feature, but it’s a great way to boost your bookings in a highly efficient way. In fact, according to a highly successful tour operator, “It’s like having thousands of people out there reselling your tours & activities for you”. Some additional resellers to consider include hotels, caravan parks, information centers, inbound and outbound tour operators, etc.

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Finally, remember to celebrate successes! Because you’re always looking at ways to improve, it’s easy to fall into the mindset of “it’s never enough”. We recommend putting milestones in place so you can easily recognize when to stop and look back on the hard work that you and others have put in.

While it’s great to have a goal, always remember to appreciate the moment too.

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