The Local Champion

You are a highly intuitive and emotionally intelligent individual who deeply cares about people and the local community. You’re generous and always willing to sacrifice for the happiness of others. You take pride in your local region and care about how visitors feel about their overall experience when visiting the region. You love seeing others do well and will often collaborate with them to fuel that success.

You’re likely to know everyone in the community on a first-name basis. More importantly, you know all the gossip around town – or at least have the sources for it.

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The Local Champion is a jack of all trades but with a natural talent for bringing fun and energy to the room. This makes you:

  • A great storyteller, especially when it comes to topics you are passionate about. Keeping most engrossed whenever you speak
  • A great community leader who makes others naturally want to collaborate.
  • Extremely reliable. You’re someone who’s multi-talented or has acquired a bunch of skills that make you the go-to person to call whenever someone needs help or advice
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Situations you might find yourself in:

  • Diffusing a fight
  • Listening to other people’s problems (basically becoming an unpaid therapist)
  • Being the announcer at a local festival
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If you weren't a tour operator, you'd be a:


Your love for your local community means you're always looking to improve your community, making you the perfect mayor. You should also have no problems getting the votes!

Event planner

Great event planner require many different types of skills, as well as the ability to get a group of people excited; which sounds just like you.

Doctor (the nice ones)

As a doctor you'll always be able to help out your local patients, ensuring that they live a long, healthy life.

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Capitalizing on your strengths:

With your strong communication skills, you’re likely to have a strong network. You can leverage these relationships to build a strong network of collaborators that is beneficial to all who are involved. You could work with:

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Other tour operators

To create packages including tours & activities from each of you, that collectively deliver a better, more holistic experience to the guest. For example, in the Hunter Valley (Australia), multiple wineries have partnered up to offer a package that brings guests to each of their wineries as a day or multi-day tour.

You could also resell each other’s tours and activities. At the end of your tour or activity, you can recommend that your guests go to your partner’s tour or activity and vice-versa. This way, you’ll both make some commission and more bookings.

PS. You can set all of this up within Rezdy.


Accommodations like hotels and holiday or vacation rentals

You probably already know the owners and managers. Why not partner up with them and have them resell your tours and activities to their guests in exchange for commission? This way they make some extra revenue, you get more bookings and the accommodations get to deliver a better experience to their guests.

You could easily set up this partnership by sending them affiliate QR codes. These QR codes can be displayed on their premises. When a guest scans the QR code, they’ll be taken straight to your booking site and if a booking is made, your partner will be paid automatically.

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Your storytelling skills can also be used to share the stories about your business or region. With your skills, you’ll be able to easily create compelling content for social media, blogs or publications that showcase the unique aspects of the community, its people, and its history. This can help to attract more visitors, boost local pride, and create a sense of community.

You may also consider offering consulting services. Given your multi-talented and reliable nature, people naturally gravitate towards you for advice or solutions. Sharing your knowledge through a structured way will help others succeed in the best way possible.

Finally, while it’s great that you’re always looking to help others, don’t forget about yourself. It’s okay to practice self care sometimes, don’t get yourself burned out in the process of helping others and be wary of those who are trying to take advantage of your kindness.

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