The Protagonist

A natural-born leader who often strives to be #1, you’re thoughtful, idealistic and ambitious. While you often do whatever it takes to get to the top, you also care deeply for those around you.

You’re likely to dive head-first into challenging situations – and may sometimes take on too much. If you have 10 things to do today, you’ll attempt to do 20.

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The protagonist is the most ambitious personality, with the following strengths to support that ambition:

  • Seemingly infinite energy
  • While you have a creative side, you are also logical and practical, allowing you to take on any challenges, no matter how busy you may be
  • Whether it’s in the form of charisma, passion, or deep knowledge, you possess something that makes people naturally want to follow you
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Situations you might find yourself in:

  • Leading your team to victory on a scavenger hunt (where you may have done a lot of trash-talking and been overly competitive)
  • Unknowingly finishing your workday at midnight
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If you weren't a tour operator, you'd be a:

Film director

Your capabilities as a leader in combination with your creative side make you the perfect person to direct films.

President or prime minister

People naturally want to follow you, whether it's your friends, team or even a country.

Professional Athlete (Team Captain)

Your desire to be #1 makes you the perfect athlete who's always looking to improve and beat the competition.

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Capitalizing on your strengths:

Because your strengths lie in your ambition and ability to lead, ensure that you don’t take on repetitive/ administrative tasks. Just because you have the ability to manage multiple things at once, doesn’t mean that you should, and taking on less will give you the headspace to focus on bigger-picture tasks. Instead, ensure you hire the right people and implement the right software so that you have time to focus on other important avenues.

Remember to spend time with your team. As mentioned, your passion is infectious, meaning the more time you spend with your team, the more motivated and focused they will be in your mission.

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Finally, no goal is too big. Even if others deem it impossible, stay the course

“Talented people hit targets no one else can hit. Ambitious people hit targets no one else can see.”

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