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Rezdy delivers an intuitive online booking system that is designed for tour operators.

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<h3 style=Bookings made easy"/>

Bookings made easy

With an advanced yet user-friendly interface, Rezdy’s tour booking software online offers customers a streamlined online booking process. With 24/7 access to your tour business as well as full autonomy when making online bookings, there’s no need for you to manage booking scheduling.

Customers can easily see all available dates and times, which eliminates the need for back and forth communication for one booking. Our tour operator software manages all bookings in a matter of minutes, all on its own, which means more bookings can be made day and night!

See how your tour operating business is transformed when you employ a fully automated, smart and intuitive virtual assistant – the ultimate booking solution for any business that operates online.

<h3 style=Less time on admin"/>

Less time on admin

If there’s one thing all business owners would like to eliminate, it’s administrative work. A lot goes on behind the scenes of any business, big or small. So anything that can be implemented to cut admin time down is music to that business owner’s ears.

We understand the tedious tasks involved with scheduling and managing customer bookings, which is why we’ve designed a booking system that lets you spend less time on admin work, and more time doing what you’re passionate about. Rezdy’s tour operator software lets you automate the majority of the booking process, so a huge weight is lifted from your shoulders.

With one central dashboard, you can see all your bookings in one functional calendar, manage payments and generate insightful reports to better understand how business is running. Rezdy also accommodates the seamless integration of additional applications that are vital to your business, such as:

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More business growth

With automated business processes and more bookings on the regular, you have more time to focus on the success and growth of your business. With Rezdy’s Marketplace, you gain access to endless opportunities to advance your tour operating business.

Join forces with travel agents, distribution partners and resellers all around the world, and spread your name across the tour management industry. Marketplace delivers a real-time networking platform where you can connect with the industry’s biggest players, such as Expedia and GetYourGuide.

By simply signing up to a plan with Rezdy and registering a product on our marketplace, you offer your tour services to the most comprehensive travel agent database. With your product offered to a worldwide audience, you will watch your bookings skyrocket, along with the growth of your tour operating business.

Our tour operator software is designed to curate more bookings and boost your business growth. Choose from our three no lock-in software plans now.


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Tour Operator Software That Helps Businesses Grow With so many satisfied customers, it’s evident why Rezdy is the ultimate booking solution for tour operators.

Mark and Jackie from EscapeXperience have cut down 40 hours of admin work from their working week.

Mark says that 95% of their bookings are now completed online and without Rezdy’s tour booking system in place, they would be overwhelmed with additional admin tasks. They now have more time to do what they love, which is continuously improve the escape room experience for their customers. Read the EscapeXperience case study now.


Steve, managing director of Bogong Horseback Adventures, says that Rezdy has increased sales, with more online bookings than ever before.

 Steve claims that Rezdy’s tour operator software saved his business from being pushed out of the market. He saw that his niche market was predominantly online, and that he needed residence in that space in order to keep Bogong Horseback afloat. Rezdy’s online booking software helped him build an online presence, increasing his booking rates in the process. Read the Bogong Horseback Adventure case study now.


Ben from Mountain Whitewater Descents says he chose Rezdy because it was intuitive and user friendly.

 Ben now enjoys a functional calendar, manifest and support system that works perfectly with his business style. Alongside an already intuitive system, he loves how we continuously improve our product at no extra charge. Read the  Mountain Whitewater Descents case study now.