Rezdy + Travello And Backpacker Deals

Give Backpacker Deals access to your live inventory!

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Easily manage all your bookings from one place

Rezdy is a simple, easy to use online booking software for tours and activities. It is jam-packed with all the features you need to ramp up your marketing, operations, and distribution.

Connect Rezdy & Backpacker Deals to give Backpacker Deals customers access to your real-time availability

Rezdy now integrates with Backpacker Deals, a Northern Territory tours and travel agency.

With this app, Backpacker Deals customers will be able to check availability and make bookings directly with you for the products you have listed with them.

What is Backpacker Deals?

Backpacker Deals is a niche travel website offering deals for the growing student and youth market around the world. The global youth travel market currently is valued at $173 billion with almost 190 million international trips per year. (WYSE Travel Confederation). Backpacker Deals actively promote their offers in New Zealand, United Kingdom, China and Australia.

Backpacker Deals is a new start-up but is already gaining traction around the country. Backpacker Deals is commencing a marketing program which will give lot more exposure to tour operators. Backpacker Deals will sponsor carefully selected travellers to experience your adventures first hand and write about it on a Backpacker Deals blog. All images and content will then be posted across our social media channels, thereby giving your brand a much wider exposure.

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How to connect Rezdy and Backpacker Deals

Already a Merchant of Backpacker Deals?

Simply connect with Backpacker Deals as an Agent through your Rezdy software.

Not a Backpacker Deals Merchant yet?

If you are interested in working with Backpacker Deals through Rezdy and are not currently a Backpacker deals merchant, you will firstly need to contact us.

Once you are a Backpacker Deals Experience Provider, simply invite Backpacker Deals as an Agent through your Rezdy software.

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