Why use resellers, distribution partners and agents

We’ve broken it down to these key topics:

  • Cost breakdown: commission vs direct booking costs
  • The 5 different types of resellers
  • How to find the right reseller for your business
  • How to build margin instead of losing commission
  • 3 things that’ll make your business irresistible to resellers
  • A tour operator’s perspective on the benefits of resellers

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Commission breakdown Commission vs direct booking costs

We compare commission with the costs you would pay when acquiring customers yourself.

Commission breakdown How to build margin and add value to your products

By building more margin into your products, you’ll be able to work with resellers without losing out on your profits.

Introduction to resellers The 5 different types of resellers

There are more resellers than just online travel agents. Maximize your bookings by diversifying your sales channel with different types of resellers.

Introduction to resellers How to find the resellers that are right for your business

There are thousands of resellers out there and there are many factors to consider when choosing the resellers that will work best for your business.

Working with resellers 3 things that'll make your business irresistable to resellers

Found a reseller that you want to work with? Here are some quick things that’ll ensure they’ll want to work with you.

Working with resellers Tour operators share 4 reasons to work with resellers

We spoke to two tour operators who have used resellers extensively about their experience working with resellers.

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Find a reseller today

Check out the thousands of resellers on the Rezdy Marketplace who are ready to resell your products.

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Hear from industry experts:

Planning a sustainable reseller strategy to maximize your tours & activities bookings in 2022

Listen to this session as a podcast.

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