Affiliate QR Codes for Tour and Activity Providers

Do local resellers still book your tours by calling on behalf of the customer? Well, we’ve developed an easier way.

You can now send resellers a unique Affiliate Link and QR Code at the click of a button. They can then display it to customers at the front desk, in public spaces, or even on-the-go using their device. It’s cleaner, safer and easier.

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More locations means more bookings

QR Codes can be used in the lobby, in accommodation, in the shop window – anywhere you would usually have a brochure.
More is better.

Tour booking software

No technical setup required

With QR Codes, the reseller simply displays the code for customers to scan and complete the transaction on your website as normal –
it’s that easy.

Never miss a booking

You no longer have to wait by the phone in case you miss a call from a reseller. Use QR Codes so guests can book independently and without hassle – leaving you with more time, and another happy customer.

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All you need to do:

                1. Select a reseller on Rezdy Marketplace, scroll to Affiliate Tracking Link and click Share via email to send your Affiliate Link to them
                2. The reseller receives the QR Code automatically, and displays to customers wherever they are
                3. Customer scans the QR code to access your site to book and pay in full
                4. Commission is automatically assigned to that reseller, as each code is unique
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