Earn extra revenue when you resell other tour operators with Rezdy

Become a reseller with Rezdy booking software for tour and activity operators

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Maximise your potential

You may already be a busy tour operator, but don’t miss the opportunity to grow your earnings potential when you resell other tour operators

  • Partner with local tour operators offering complimentary experiences
  • Expand your offerings and delight your guests
  • Build strong local connections while providing unforgettable trips

Resell and grow with Rezdy

Boost revenue with Rezdy. Resell tours, earn commission. Expand your offerings and increase sales effortlessly.


Move from manual to online bookings


Offer complementary products


Reach potential new customers


Build on local relationships


Support local tourism industry

Rezdy booking software features to make reselling tours a breeze


Curate experiences

Hand pick the products you wish to sell. Choose from local or global operators.


Website & widgets

Embed online booking capabilities onto your website or get a customizable site with Rezdy. No experience needed.


Instant booking

Sell tours listed at ‘Marketplace rates.’ Book in real-time at the commission shown without negotiation.


Check live availability

Get instant confirmation for your customers with listed product availability updated in real-time.


Get paid automatically

With automated payments, payment to you is instant and direct. T&C’s apply.


Track commissions

Track and report commissions to identify top earners and focus efforts effectively.

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For tour operators wanting to start selling other tour and activity providers, enjoy 21 days free and start reselling today.

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Got questions? It's only natural

  • Why should I resell other operators’ products?

    • Earn commission (minimum 13%) 
    • Add extra value to your guests’ stay 
    • Power your local experience operator community
  • What products will be displayed on my site?

    We can set you up with products you have previously booked for your guests. You can also include any of the 100,000+ products on the Rezdy marketplace.

  • How do I access supply using Rezdy?

    There are three ways to access supply using Rezdy. To enable your customers to book themselves, access Rezdy either via our Agent API or our customizable booking widgets and off-the-shelf websites. To book on behalf of your customers, access Rezdy via or our agent portal.

  • How do payments work?

    We recommend using automated payments where you receive payment instantly upfront and invoicing/commission payout is automated.

  • What are the costs involved?

    We deduct 2% off the commission for holding and transferring your commission to your bank account.

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