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Grow your direct bookings by:

  • Increasing your organic site traffic and Google ranking
  • Helping you stand out from the crowd with an Official Site Badge
  • Making your products more discoverable on Google Search and Maps

Plus – Google Things to do is completely free (aside from ads) and easy to set up.

On average, local results in Search drive more than 4 billion connections for businesses every month, including website clicks, phone calls, directions, and reservations.
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Google Things to do for

Operator Booking Module

The Operator Booking Module is an additional tab on your Google My Business Profile. It showcases your tours & activities, as well as all the different ways someone can book your tours and activities (whether directly or through resellers).

The good news - you may claim an “Official Site Badge” to help you stand out.

Accessible through: Connectivity Provider or Google Business Profile.

Experiences Booking Module

Users who search for a particular attraction or points of interest will find the Experiences Booking Module by scrolling down on their search results page, where they’ll be able to compare and book all relevant experiences.

For example, if you search “Pergamon Museum”, you’ll find the module showcasing various relevant experiences such as guided tours. Once you select a tour, you’ll be taken to the operator's final booking page.

Accessible through: Connectivity Provider only.

Attractions Booking Module

This module appears when users look up specific attractions and is mainly used for products like tickets and admissions. For example, museums and zoos. The module lists all the different sources and prices for users to purchase tickets.

Claiming the “Official Site Badge” to help you stand out.

Accessible through: Connectivity Provider or Google Business Profile.

Paid Advertising

Suppliers can now participate in Google Things to do ads, which showcase your tour, experience, or attraction at the top of the search engine results page. GTTD advertising also allows you to showcase your tour or activity rating.

These are similar to Google Shopping Ads which currently contribute to 85% of all clicks among all Google Ads combined.

Like the other Google Things to do features, clicking on the tour or activity will bring the guest to your final checkout page.

Note: Google Things to do ads require paid spend.

Accessible through: Connectivity Provider or Google Business Profile.

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How does Google Things to do work?

Google Things to do makes it as easy as possible for travelers to book tours, experiences and attractions by maximizing your products discoverability to the right audience.

It works around points of interest (POIs). Points of interest can range from national icons like the Sydney Opera House & the Statue of Liberty to local attractions like the Big Banana, parks and town squares. It could also include paid attractions like zoos, theme parks, museums, etc.

When users look for specific points of interest, in addition to the ability to purchase tickets, Google will also showcase experiences, tours or activities that are close by or relevant to the point of interest.

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Here’s an example:

Maria is traveling to New York in the summer, so she uses Google to search for the Statue of Liberty. At the top of her results page, a ‘tickets’ tab will appear. She can then click on this tab to be shown a list of ticket options for the Statue of Liberty. Each option is linked directly to the ticket supplier’s checkout page, ensuring a quick and simple payment process.

If she scrolls down further, she will also see all the tours & activities close by or relevant to the Statue of Liberty, which again, is linked directly to the supplier’s checkout page.

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Why connect with Google Things to do through Rezdy?

Rezdy gives you access to the full breadth of Google Things to do, which you will not be able to access through the Tickets & Activities Editor on your Google Business Profile.

FeatureGoogle Business ProfileRezdy
Operator Booking Module (Search & Maps)YesYes
Attractions Booking Module (Search & Maps)YesYes
Experience Booking ModuleNoYes
Google Things to do Paid AdvertisingNoYes
Dynamic PricingNoYes
Real-time Pricing UpdateNoYes
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Google Things to do free?

    The majority of Google Things to do is free. Google aims to make the travelers’ booking journey as simple and easy as possible from the moment they begin searching on Google, which is why they are encouraging as many suppliers as possible to participate.

    Google also offers paid advertising, but it is not mandatory.

  • Can competitors place paid ads against my Google Business Profile?

    It is not possible through Google Things to do. GTTD Ads can only show products related to a particular point of interest or attraction on those points of interest or attraction.

  • Can I adjust the order in which my products appear on the Experiences Booking Module?

    No. Google’s algorithm determines the order or positioning of your products within your booking module and will favor the quality of your content(description and image). You can make updates to your product content within Rezdy.

  • Can we track the number of bookings coming from Google Things to do?

    Yes. Simply add tracking parameters to the booking URL you submit to Google.

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