Reporting tools for tour & activity operators

Make more informed business decisions with business intelligence reporting tools designed for tour and activity operators.

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Gain the insights you need to improve your tour or activity business

Monitor performance

Business analytics

Interactive & flexible

Insights for growth

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Visualize business metrics

Gain a quick business overview or delve into detailed reports with our intuitive, interactive dashboard. Customize and flexibly adapt reports to acquire the precise insights you require.

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All your data and reports in one place

Review Compare time periods

Compare your product performance over two different time periods, you can do this by month, year or day, allowing you to uncover time-specific insights, trends, and anomalies or track your business’s progress.

Analyze Deep dive further

You can even drill down into specific products, allowing you to compare product performance over two time-periods for specific products, the days in which they are usually booked or fulfilled, the extras that are generally booked with them and many more actionable insights.

Monitor Performance and optimizations

Effortlessly identify the sources of your orders and quickly grasp the status of your order payments. Steer your business towards success with essential metrics and visualizations.

Learn Actionable insights

Uncover actionable insights such as your best days for taking online bookings in comparison to your busiest days operating your tours or activity business.

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The reporting system, for me, is fantastic. I’m a numbers person and I like analysing how many people we’ve had through the rooms, what sectors of the market… I can extract different types of information to suit our marketing and our needs.
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Available reports

All customers including Channel Manager customers have access to Rezdy reporting

A productive tool that provides a comprehensive and visually appealing snapshot of key business metrics and performance indicators, allowing tour operators to gain quick insights into the health and progress of their business.

A dynamic and visually engaging tool that provides tour operators with a clear and concise overview of their financial performance, enabling them to monitor revenue trends, identify growth opportunities, and make data-driven decisions.

A powerful tool that provides tour operators with a centralised view of their product-related data and metrics, empowering them to track product success, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to optimise their product strategies.

A comprehensive report that provides a detailed overview of financial transactions related to payments processed, helping tour operators monitor payment activities, reconcile accounts, track revenue, and gain insights into their financial performance.

A detailed report that provides a summary of vouchers issued and redeemed, consolidating information related to voucher transactions, including voucher numbers, dates, amounts, and any associated details. This report helps businesses maintain accurate records, track expenses, ensure compliance, and streamline financial processes.

For other reports and reporting features, we have a lot more to offer, such as RezdyPay Reports, data integration etc. Contact our sales team for more details.

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How can Rezdy reporting tools help your business?

  • Gain insights to increase sales and revenue
  • Identify areas for improvement or opportunity
  • Better resource & inventory management
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